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I don't know where to start telling you about Eastleigh Farm. I started doing the Cape Ann Fresh Catch fish share there three winters ago. The people have aleays been great, the atmosphere is just wonderful, cows, animals, hard working nice folks, who really care about the farm, and the animals, and anyone who expresses an interest. Talis started milking there this summer, four morning milkings a week (and sometimes more, if they needed her), getting paid in milk adn ice cream. She was good enough that Cindy, the barn manager, gave her her own lime of cows after about three days. Cindy says Talis is a natural. When T was driving home from camp on the West coast, Cindy would ask me when her girl was coming back... she missed her. Having someone who was passionate about the cows and her job is, I guess, uncommon these days.

There is a wonderful video of the cows, and Georgette Jowdy talking about the farm here

So, Eastleigh is in some financial trouble. There is a foreclosure auction next Wednesday, October 23. I have been reading articles in the local-to-Framingham paper and the related articles linked from that one, and all I can tell is that they have a mortgage of $30,000 per month, and the town has rejected buying the development rights (I think they say it is too expensive... ) and is waiting to see if the farm can gain a conservation restriction...

Talis would love to buy the farm, run it differently, add more educational aspects... However... Donations can be made to: Eastleigh Farm Education Trust, 1084 Grove Street, Framingham, MA 01701.

Talisu says I should be praying for a major miracle to save Eastleigh Farm from foreclosure next week. Donate what you can; this is the closest large farm to Boston, and it would be a shame for it to go to real estate. Make it a non-profit, learning center with a working raw milk dairy farm...

I wish I had the hutzpah to raise some unknown large amount of money.

I have other thoughts about the last Thursday farm day of Heirloom Harvest 2013 season. Garlic planting is this Saturday, and the final pick-up is Sunday. Then the farm goes to bed for the winter.

But it is late, and I have a full day tomorrow, so, good night, all. Please pray for our farm, and the cows. It is very sad just thinking about them.
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With all the stress of the flash floods in Boulder County, CO, AND a week of 4 interviews for SCF, listing these books has fallen behind on the great big list-of-all-the-things-to-do.

However, my Dad and step-mom Deborah are safe in Boulder with friends (for the time being; Dad is confused, they are both stressed and very sad about losing their four out-buildings and possibly their house); Talis and Serena are home; they arrived at Logan last night, and are now off to Savers (2nd-hand clothing store) to get new things to replace those that are in the car left in the Jamestown Elementary School parking lot. The roads to Jamestown are closed, rock slides and water, great forces of nature, have made the one road in and out of town impassable. Who knows when they will be able to get the car out. I have friends who live out there who have offered to perhaps get the car, or even maybe drive it East, eventually. It will be at least a month I think before anything can be done. None of the residents of Jamestown had flood insurance, and the insurance companies are being cold-hearted. There is some state aid (maybe federal as well), but I don't think it will be nearly enough to rebuild what they had.

Deborah was interviewed here (the older gentleman in the orange beret is my nearly-88-year-old Dad), and there was a picture of Talis and Serena coming off the army helicopter. One of their NBTSC friends Mom's knows one of their flight crew, so we can send them a thank you note. Somewhere there is a video of T and S when they came off the helicopter; they were on the first evacuation flight out of Jamestown. Deborah sounds just exhausted and sad, but their community support was awesome, and I hope they can rebuild that.

Here's the list of cookbooks so far. It's long, slightly over 100. Please let me know if you are interested in any.
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Seventeen years ago, last night, Spencer drove me from Brookline (it was a very snowy week and Brooklne is so much closer to the Boston Hospitals than Milford, and, did I say, it was *very* snowy) to Brigham & Women's Hospital, where, 4.5 hours after I started labour, my beautiful daughter, Talis, was born at 1:33 am.

Happy Birthday, dear Talis, may you have a year full of adventure, joy, and success in whatever you pursue.

(The current plan is to go to agricultural college, to be a farmer. MIL is not yet aware of this plan. She would not approve, as farming is not a high income job.)
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Talis is trying a gluten free diet in hopes that this might solve some of her digestive issues. However, a lot of her favorite foods contain gluten, and we are finding the frozen options to be less than stellar (and cause stomach aches). So, we'd like to try making them from scratch. Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, any pasta dishes... (although we've found a quinoa pasta that is acceptable). It's a good thing I have been reading labels for years now, just adding one more thing to look out for.

So, my LJ flist, what Gluten Free Cook Books do you use?
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Last week, 5 July, 2012:

1 head lettuce,
1 bunch swiss chard,
1 bunch beets,
1 green cabbage,
1# carrots,
1/2# pac choi,
2 green squash (zucchini or Kusa)
5 yellow squash (yellow straight neck, patty pan),
3 cucumbers,
1 bunch green onions

PYO: 1 quart green beans, peas, herbs and flowers

Take some: chinese cabbage, basil tops, hakurei turninps

I seem to be the squash queen again this year. I harvested 212 patty pan from ONE bed, and 288 yellow straight neck from 2 beds. Found triplets in the kusa bed: overlooked squash hiding underneath ended up almost as long as my forearm, and weighing a lot. There are 8 total squash beds right now, and the other days don't seem to be remembering them all every week. Hopefully they will learn.

Fish this week was BLUEFISH, yummm. Right now I am really liking everything I try from Jane Brody's Good Seafood Book

Sad news on Eastleigh Farm, one of their workers and staunchest supporters, Edgar Pless, passed away in his sleep on Tuesday July 3. They were reeling from this and still floundering a bit, as Edgar had been at the dairy since the beginning, and although he kept small notebooks, had an awful lot of information in his head. He was 65.

Yesterday was an especially busy day, as when Talis called Sunday (in tears, she was missing Winnie, us (Mum and Dad), Dakota (except he was not picking up his phone AGAIN this week) and her knees really really hurt, but through the tears she also said she was having a good time. And said that there was a space opened up on the extension part of the trip (sailing the boat back to St. Maarten from Trinidad), so I spent a bunch of yesterday finding out about costs and changing tickets (impossible from an international departure for a one-way ticket, but I can get a voucher for the ticket amount that she has to use within a year). SO, she;s all set, now returning home on August 1. :-) It's a good thing I do not have work outside the house, as Winnie really likes being with people.

But in and around doing this trip work, I got an incredible amount of stuff done yesterday, not necessarily in order done: emptied dishwasher, cooked breakfast for 2, ate for 1, walked dog, spent loads of time on hold trying to work something out for Talis (finally resolved at $450 for the additional 6 days, plus return flight investigation), ate lunch while on hold, balanced 2 auctions from ConCertino weekend, tended 2 hives, put honey supers on both (yes, I know it's late, the hive bodies are HEAVY), cut pine branches away from blue hive in back, dragged away said branches, swept downstairs linoleum (front hall, kitchen, dining room)... made Interfilk deposit, went to large puppy play, walked dog again, made dinner for 3, washed dishes, made plane reservations (booked return ticket from St. Maarten, yes, on Jet Blue again, as there are 2 hours between flights) and paid for extension...

Here is the Broadreach link to Talis's trip journals. It links to the one Talis wrote about the 4th of July, about their day doing community service on Montserrat. You should read them all, and look at the pictures. Please let me know what you think about Talis's writing ability. [I think she does a pretty good job, is much more detailed that almost all the others, but I may be slightly biased. I think I should cut & paste this into a word doc so Talis can use it as an example of her writing...]

This morning, I took David to the 6:23 train (there is something just magical about mist rising off the lakes and ponds early in the mornings, makes me smile), and decided to go over to the farm to drop off the boxes from the back of my car. I had made arrangements to pick up some used honey supers later in the morning, and needed to room in the car. So, Winnie and I arrived, he got out while I transferred boxes to the barn, finding all sorts of new and wonderful smells to explore. We went out into the fields to pick green beans, and peas (whatever we could find of snap peas, mostly gone past, but still enough to make it worthwhile), and herbs and flowers. Got some nice summer savory and oregano, Winnie had lost patience and wanted to walk, so flowers will have to some another day.

Must make another post to cover ConCertino, Talis's trip and extension, Winnie, early morning mist over ponds, social, Harvard Square Theater closed... Readercon, death and dying and what we leave (or don't leave) behind; I know there's other things that I have been thinking of writing about, but never have the time to sit and just write.
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I called Jet Blue this morning; they say they found to bag, in San Juan, at 4:50 yesterday afternoon. It will be on today's flight to St. Maarten, and they will contact Broadreach, who will fetch it and get it to Talis hopefully this afternoon. She will be on Tintamarre and then Ille Forche, which are both really close to St. Maarten.

I will feel completely happy when I hear from Broadreach that they actually *have* the bag this afternoon.

Now, on to conquer my to-do list. *Crosses off Call Jet Blue from the list* :-)
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Talis got off this morning, a little rushed, but not too badly for an 8:45 flight to San Juan, connecting to another flight to St. Maarten.

Jet Blue seems to have lost her checked baggage, with all her stuff; clothes, sleeping gear (sleep sac, inflatable pillow, hammock and hammock straps), towels (microfiber super absorbant and quick drying), bathing suits (lots, in hopes of avoiding staph infection), shoes (vibram), and the liquids (shampoo, aloe for after sun, sunscreen, liquid laundry concentrate, Burt's Bees facial scrub, for starters) And the meds; ibuprofen and aleve (the rest were in her carry-on), and the 5 2-packs of chemical ice packs for her knees.

And she seems to have the least amount of sailing experience of the 10 kids on the boat, when she was led to believe that she had more than a lot of them.

I am sure she will handle this with as much aplomb as she has in a foreign island country. The boat is supposed to sail sometime tomorrow.

Hopefully there will be positive news soon.

I am off to Large Puppy Playdate with Winnie.


Jun. 21st, 2012 01:58 am
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I think I have finally reached some semblance of agreement with Talis, that she will go on this trip on Monday, for 32 days of sailing. She does not want to go to Not Back to School Camp, at all, but on the promise that she does not have to do this again next year, does not have to participate in the hikes this year after her knees have ached already, and the promise that I will provide her with enough dramamine (or equivalent) to cover her for the duration of the trip... And I will lend her my digital camera, to supplement the film camera she is taking with.

David helped me get an AC unit into her bedroom window. Nevermind that it is not her unit, or that I have had to stuff paper into the very wide cracks on each side. It is cooling her bedroom, and she is calmer than she has been all evening.

It has been a very long day. I am, with the exception of shipping computer and paperwork back, on unemployment for the rest of the summer, until August 23. I am of two minds about this. On the one hand, I will have time to get to all the stuff I put off for the last two months. On the other, there will be less money coming in.

And, depending on how things go tomorrow, I may end up missing Baitcon this year. More later.

Edit, 2:46 am It breaks my heart to see my very attractive, talented child having an anxiety/panic attack over having to cope with meeting and talking to people, and going someplace that almost anyone else would love to be in her shoes. She doesn't want to miss out on the summer plans here, despite the fact that there aren't really any so far, doesn't want to be away from her friends and her dog, and even doesn't want to go to the camp she has loved going to for the past 4 years. This parenting doesn't come with a good enough manual.
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Talis ran the Dragon's Lair (children's program) this year, with some help from me pre-con. At-con, I was her lackey. :-) She did a great job of it, enlisting the help of 4 friends, and keeping control of some large number (overall total in the range of 20-25) of smalls, more than expected. SJ, Betsy, Ben and Heather did a wonderful kid's concert today, Bruce Coville told some new stories on Friday, Mad Hatter Hats went over very well on Saturday morning, a major mess was made (feathers and paper scraps all over), and a good time was had by all.

Down side: we get home, I fall into bed, and am woken by Talis saying her computer is not in her (very scruffy looking raggedy) purple backpack. I called RK, who says it is not in the are of the Galleria we were in. I called the hotel, and the insurance company and Apple/the Apple Store... and because tomorrow is a holiday, progress will be delayed.

A backup has not been made recently. Time machine exists in this house, and she has a hard disc drive, but has been relying on Dad to do the work. I fear this will be (yet) another expensive learning experience, as she has pictures and writing that are not anywhere else. *sigh*
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Talis would like to decorate her room with white twinky lights... anyone got any they are not going to use? We only have the multi-coloured ones...
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This is actually a placeholder for somethings I want to note down, and hopefully be able to expand upon at some date hopefully sooner than later.

Have started planning for NEFFA, April 20-22, 2012 dance performances. If any one has an international dance group they think should be seen as part of the Dance Performances, please let me know, or send them to the NEFFA web site, where the application link will be up until 23:59 on November 1.

End of farm last week was bittersweet, as I have really enjoyed being the pick up coordinator on Thursdays. It gave me another angle of the CSA world, and I loved seeing the Thursday share holders every week for 4.5 months, seeing the kids grow, sharing recipes and what to do with the items in each weeks share, and discovering new friends. The farm assistants, Lauren and Bea; wonderful strong women I hope to keep in my life. Other workshares also.

Talis finally home from her summer jaunts around the US and the French West Indies. She's almost 16, and itching to drive. Drivers Ed now required in MA to even take a driving test... and expensive! Note: call the local high school to see if they get any price breaks.

Listing of patterns, books, etc from Russell's Mom's belongings.

Gifts from RJ: 1933 edition of Fannie Farmer (aka The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, by FM Farmer); 100th Anniversary publication by H.P.Hood & Sons in 1946 Foods That Made New England Famous, 100 Favorite Recipes from the Kitchens of Old New England; The Galloping Gourmet Television Cookbook, Vol. 1 and 2. by Graham Kerr; Hidden gardens of Beacon Hill published by the Beacon Hill Garden Club in 1972; and The Boston See Party; A Walking or Riding Tour of Boston, Freedom Trail, , MIT-Harvard, Concord, Lexington, Plymouth, I think by Allan Dow, CPCU, Vice President , Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, no year.

Westat project: Long Term Trends. Ongoing from Oct-May... very few hours overall for AA position. I am low person on the totem pole for the cushy positions with Westat. :-(

NORC project: National Survey of Early Care and Education, training early December, study starts Jan 9.

Arisia... SPeaker to hotel about food, Tech Mom, Voyagers Grand Sleepover

Boskone: Mentor Talis in DragonsLair programming

OVFF: Not going this year... :-(

Wegman's: got a thanks but no thanks letter for both customer service and kitchen work. Still no word from TJ's.

Lists of things to give away. Two glitter lamps, same idea as lava lamps. Is anyone having a clothing swap anytime soon?

And, the wife of a dear friend passed on last Saturday evening. Service and burial on Sunday. The benefit of not going to Ohio.

well, this got to be long...
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I helped a friend move a bunch of stuff into boxes and then boxes into storage. Fortunately, Tetris is one of my skill set.

On coming home after dinner with a friend, and fetching a David from class, we found a huge mound of still slightly damp cardboard and the brown couch on the street in anticipation of trash day tomorrow. Yay! :-)

This morning I heard kids outside very early; first day of school here in Milford.

And, an e-mail from NBTSC VT. Because Vermont is reeling from the floods from the storm on Sunday, Farm & Wilderness is talking to the national guard and Plymouth town officials to see when they expect roads, power and telephone services to be restored. They are not sure that they will be able to host NBTSC this year. :-( Talis will be very sad. As will we, as while she really enjoys it, we enjoy the 3 week vacation.


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