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So, I am coming out of my way-too-many-things-on-the-to-do not-slump, and I know there are things going on this weekend, but I have NONE of them in my calendar...

The Rich Event took a bunch of time, plus GSS took a bunch of time, and the farm is started, and it is now JUNE!

Clue me in, please?
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Summer fish share began today; 2# grey sole fillets. Yummm. :-)

I broke out the dehydrator full time again tonight with the summer's first bunch of green kale chips. Garlic, fines herbes (Auntie Arwin), lightly salted, with olive oil.

Yesterday's farm share, x2, as I also prepare and drive boxes to Attleboro: including Hakurei turnips that took the ENTIRE morning to harvest. If they were bigger than my thumbnail, it was unusual. I kept thinking that we should be thinning the beds, but then I remembered that the last few years, we got bunches of turnip greens in the share, and actual turnips a few weeks later. It has been a *very* early spring.

bunch Hakurei turnips,
bunch beet greens,
bunch swiss chard,
bunch collard greens,
bunch red Russian kale,
3 small heads cauliflower,
2 heads lettuce,
1# pac choi.

And yesterday was definitely one of those "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" kind of days. Brilliant sun, then pitch black clouds, rain, sun, lather, rinse, and repeat... not like todays' downpours and thunder and lightening, but still...

I asked about rhubarb, as one of my tasks the first workday was to walk the rhubarb bed and cut down the flowering has been an early year. Farmer John said the rhubarb is not sizing up well this year, and he got more complaints about the rhubarb being too skinny that he is note going to harvest until it is of decent size.

I am feeling in need of dinner parties. After this weekend, which will be NSECE both days, I have 2 cases for my other project, and that will be it, unless I want to travel. I should know when/where sometime this week. Otherwise, it's back on unemployment until PISA starts August 23 with training in Rockville, MD.


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