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This is actually a placeholder for somethings I want to note down, and hopefully be able to expand upon at some date hopefully sooner than later.

Have started planning for NEFFA, April 20-22, 2012 dance performances. If any one has an international dance group they think should be seen as part of the Dance Performances, please let me know, or send them to the NEFFA web site, where the application link will be up until 23:59 on November 1.

End of farm last week was bittersweet, as I have really enjoyed being the pick up coordinator on Thursdays. It gave me another angle of the CSA world, and I loved seeing the Thursday share holders every week for 4.5 months, seeing the kids grow, sharing recipes and what to do with the items in each weeks share, and discovering new friends. The farm assistants, Lauren and Bea; wonderful strong women I hope to keep in my life. Other workshares also.

Talis finally home from her summer jaunts around the US and the French West Indies. She's almost 16, and itching to drive. Drivers Ed now required in MA to even take a driving test... and expensive! Note: call the local high school to see if they get any price breaks.

Listing of patterns, books, etc from Russell's Mom's belongings.

Gifts from RJ: 1933 edition of Fannie Farmer (aka The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, by FM Farmer); 100th Anniversary publication by H.P.Hood & Sons in 1946 Foods That Made New England Famous, 100 Favorite Recipes from the Kitchens of Old New England; The Galloping Gourmet Television Cookbook, Vol. 1 and 2. by Graham Kerr; Hidden gardens of Beacon Hill published by the Beacon Hill Garden Club in 1972; and The Boston See Party; A Walking or Riding Tour of Boston, Freedom Trail, , MIT-Harvard, Concord, Lexington, Plymouth, I think by Allan Dow, CPCU, Vice President , Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, no year.

Westat project: Long Term Trends. Ongoing from Oct-May... very few hours overall for AA position. I am low person on the totem pole for the cushy positions with Westat. :-(

NORC project: National Survey of Early Care and Education, training early December, study starts Jan 9.

Arisia... SPeaker to hotel about food, Tech Mom, Voyagers Grand Sleepover

Boskone: Mentor Talis in DragonsLair programming

OVFF: Not going this year... :-(

Wegman's: got a thanks but no thanks letter for both customer service and kitchen work. Still no word from TJ's.

Lists of things to give away. Two glitter lamps, same idea as lava lamps. Is anyone having a clothing swap anytime soon?

And, the wife of a dear friend passed on last Saturday evening. Service and burial on Sunday. The benefit of not going to Ohio.

well, this got to be long...


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