Jun. 21st, 2012 01:58 am
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I think I have finally reached some semblance of agreement with Talis, that she will go on this trip on Monday, for 32 days of sailing. She does not want to go to Not Back to School Camp, at all, but on the promise that she does not have to do this again next year, does not have to participate in the hikes this year after her knees have ached already, and the promise that I will provide her with enough dramamine (or equivalent) to cover her for the duration of the trip... And I will lend her my digital camera, to supplement the film camera she is taking with.

David helped me get an AC unit into her bedroom window. Nevermind that it is not her unit, or that I have had to stuff paper into the very wide cracks on each side. It is cooling her bedroom, and she is calmer than she has been all evening.

It has been a very long day. I am, with the exception of shipping computer and paperwork back, on unemployment for the rest of the summer, until August 23. I am of two minds about this. On the one hand, I will have time to get to all the stuff I put off for the last two months. On the other, there will be less money coming in.

And, depending on how things go tomorrow, I may end up missing Baitcon this year. More later.

Edit, 2:46 am It breaks my heart to see my very attractive, talented child having an anxiety/panic attack over having to cope with meeting and talking to people, and going someplace that almost anyone else would love to be in her shoes. She doesn't want to miss out on the summer plans here, despite the fact that there aren't really any so far, doesn't want to be away from her friends and her dog, and even doesn't want to go to the camp she has loved going to for the past 4 years. This parenting doesn't come with a good enough manual.


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