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My mother grew up in a time when people wrote letters to their friends, constantly. I am reading letters to Mum when she was in high school and college, during the 1940's. Paints a very different picture of war; the boys in college were joining up, there were Regimental Balls, and postage for letters from those already joined up was free. Things were not instantaneous, as they are now.

I've come across letters from my grandparents to each other, in the 19teen's and twenties, and to Mum from her parents and friends when she was at Half Moon Ranch in Jackson Hole in the summer of 1945.

Yes, there's an added weight of family history and insight into my Mum as a young woman, and into those times. Not ready to get rid of them yet. Need to decide what to do with them. In the mean time, they are something that need to be read by my Talis, and perhaps scanned or digitized for my nieces.

Later in life, she wrote more letters, and postcards. Somewhere, I have a pile that she wrote me, then to me and Spencer, then to Talis too. There's one on my microwave, from one of her visits to her sister Joanie, in Friendship, Maine.

Mum bought more postcards than she could ever write. If you would like a postcard from me, please let me know, and if I do not have your mailing address, please send it to me. Comment here at DW (will be screened unless you tell me otherwise), or LJ, in e-mail to persis at thorndike dot name, or in a fb message to me.


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