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I got an e-mail today thru Credo, about leasing solar panels from Sungevity.

I would love to have a solar array on my south-facing roof, but have no money to invest. Anyone know about these people? They claim to have a system in place to give iQuotes with in a day, and I am wondering if it is worth while checking them out?

Advice, comments all welcome.
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With all the stuff that has been going on this month, it is with deep regret that I have to postpone my birthday party (scheduled for Saturday, November 26). I am hoping to reschedule it sometime in late January or early February.

By then, the house should be in much better shape from the basement explosion. The insurance adjuster came on Tuesday, another inspector came on Wednesday to look at the sump pump. His conclusion (nothing proved yet) is that the sump pump sparked and caused some volatile vapor to explode. Since the dumpster the cleaners left had been emptied Tuesday, there is no way of telling exactly what was picked up that might have been evidence. He took the pump away to check it for damage.

However, there is still much cleaning to be done, as the ozone machine caused the soot in the air to adhere to any surface, and I don't think the cleaners have made a huge amount of progress.

I head home today after a mostly restful week visiting my friend M. in Columbia MD, for a partial day of work tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping to head out to San Francisco sometime Tuesday, with Talis, to visit my Mum (who is in an Alzheimer's wing at a nursing home in Petaluma) who has pneumonia. My sister says the Dr's caught it early, started antibiotics on Friday, but I am not leaving anything to chance. I have a friend from grammar school who is giving me airmiles to fly out with T., otherwise I would be hard pressed to afford the flights.

And on top of everything else, the first thing I saw yesterday morning on LJ was news that Chris Croughton (Keris) (British filker for my non-filk friends)had died in a head-on auto crash late late Thursday night.

So, keep an eye out for the rescheduled date.


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