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Please save the date! Come celebrate David's 50th Birthday with a party at the Big Blue House

Saturday, May 10, 2014

4 pm-whenever

at the Big Blue House, 11 Wayne Road, Milford, MA 01757

Only caveat is if David gets a paying gig for that weekend, the party will be postponed.

More details closer to the date.
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All residents of the Big Blue House are OK, as are the 5 visiting teens who took the train back into Town mid-day (and did NOT go see the finish line in Copley, but sensibly went home to Cambridge/Somerville/Watertown). Go hug your loved ones, and live each day to the fullest.

For the first time in years, I am filing an extension for both federal and state. I have money owed to me, but I need to double check on some things before sending them in.

I started working on my cases for CBECS today.
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Please keep Winnie in your thoughts today, Last night he ate two 12-oz bags of baker's chocolate and spent the night at Tufts Vet School ER (to the tune of $600-$800; thank fortune I have pet insurance that will hopefully cover some of that). Chocolate is fatal for dogs, and baker's chocolate (very dark) is the worst for caffeine and other stuff.

They just called and he is doing fine, although his heart rate is still high. They want to keep observing him til late afternoon then he *should* be able to go home.

Of course this would happen when I am out of town,

and when I am unemployed,

and when the regular vet is closed.

Of course.
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My sister posted in her fb the following:

An update for you who couldn't be with us for my moms memorial weekend. All went well with the hike up Mt Monadnock. The weather couldn’t have been better..Gigi ran up in bare feet, as she repacked her suite case and took out the sneakers I put in!! Madeleine and her friend looked like they were going out on the town , not up a mountain and were very mad at me that it was such a BIG adventure…. all taken in stride we managed to accomplish something beautiful with lots of memories too. We, unannounced to everyone else there, let moms ashes blow away over the mountain on a non populated side up was unscripted and lovely. There were 15 of us and the weather was glorious. The memorial on Sunday was really a celebration of her life and the party that should have ended at 5pm went on until 9pm!! My sister Persis out did herself and had some friends work the whole thing. There were many pictures of mom during her lifetime scattered around the flat and Persis made a few nice boards with more photos and old newspaper clippings from her coming out days in Harvard Square. There was an abundance of delicious and amazing food and plenty of wine and scotch (mom’s old favorite) then Jimmy and Larry (a brother of Jimmy’s up from Philadelphia) played the grand piano and guitar and entertained us all before moving out to the porch to sing more old favorites as you can imagine. About 90 people came from all different times of Moms life. Many people told memories and I kept hearing in those stories a common theme; food, and how she introduced so many to the enjoyment of fine food..I saw many friends and quite a few from my past who mean a lot to me but have been out of touch with..I am very grateful for my life and good fortune....oh, and thanks for all the birthday wishes

Today I am working on PISA, and have a massive sinus headache that is making me feel very spacey. I think this is a nice summation of the weekend. Leslie does not know that my friends and I are used to entertaining on the grand scale... Mum taught me well to carry on her great tradition of throwing awesome parties. :-) Ah, well...
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I am tired and have work in the morning, but here are a few place markers from this weekend.

Yesterday was a very good day. Superb weather for climbing, sunny but cool. Climbed Monadnock, ALL of us made it up, even Spencer who climbed at his own pace, and Talis whose knees and other joints were giving her grief, and Madeleine, who is 13 and thought it was the worst idea ever to climb a mountain. She was not fond of her grandmother, to put it mildly... she is too young to have known her Noni before Noni got sick. Talis has that distinction. We scattered Mum;s ashes just below the summit, after we had all stepped on the benchmark (which is NOT the highest point... go figure) and ate some lunch. Leslie for some reason had only packed snacky types of food, instead of sandwiches. and protein. We went off to the left, and scattered her over some blueberry bushes. I have pictures, will add to the post later. Talis says we need to climb again, and why did we wait so long.

And every one came down. Took me an hour to descend, Talis and Dakota were waiting for me. Spencer arrived about an hour later, and David half an hour after Spencer. David's knees were not happy. He said that if he never saw the White Cross trail again, it would be too soon. I am really proud of Spencer for making it up and down in one piece, mostly. He slipped on a wet rock on the way down, getting left shoe and pants leg wet, but he saved his glasses, and iPhone... That elevator was just not there for him. ;-)

Today was another beautiful day. I love my friends. Rick and L came up early, D and G too. Leslie was all worried about people showing up exactly at one and we would not be able to get everything done in time...and kept reminding me about the time... you don;t have time to put the pictures on poster board, it will take too much time. In 15 minutes, D and G and I had populated 3 large boards of foam core, and the big mirror in the back living room. She is too rigid about things like this. We started the speaking part just after 1:30, when I expected it to happen, I started, and asked Leslie to say somethings, and then we passed the zooms around and heard some wonderful remembrances. And people kept coming in, even after we were done telling stories and went back to having a wonderful potluck party; there was music... harmonies brought tears to my eyes, I was glad I had tissues in my pocket. There was plenty of food, and drink, and punch! (two batches of it!) and people hung around afterwards and helped clean up. I think we were all done by 7:30. I got home at 9:30 or so, Talis drove, and did a wonderful job negotiating the various 128 and 95 and 90 road constructions.

Well, I guess I had more spoons than I thought... There's still more, but enough for now. I do have to say again, that I have wonderful friends. My sister kept remarking on it... saying, "you have such good friends who are helping you with this". And I said, "yes, I am very fortunate to have such good friends". So many people came up to me and said what a wonderful time they had, and that Mum would have liked it. Even my BIL, and his brother, and a whole bunch of Leslie's friends... and mine, and people I didn't even know very well.

Kudos go to Spencer and David, who helped out so much so I didn't have to worry about the details. David makes a mean punch, I just have to say. ;-) And Spencer took my lists and ran with them. Both of them went shopping last night at BJ's so I could run off to TJ's for the wins and items BJ's didn't carry. And Spencer took my last minute list this am; he's a great list man.

OK, enough for today. More later. Hugs to you all. :-)
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Loaded the Big Red Van with some stuff from home for Sunday, and drove to Manchester, collecting folding tables and chairs, and having some moments of self-doubt. Which were allayed by several friends. Thank you.

Survived unloading mostly by myself, but that is to be expected, as my sister I still don't think is entirely bought into this. I did get some help from my elder niece, Madeleine, as she is big enough at 13 to haul stuff. She also did a great job of sorting thru part of a box of picture finding ones of Mum as a baby, and growing up.

I ended up bringing a one box high van full of boxes of papers, and pictures (not sure we'll have any time to go thru them...), and some books, dishes, glass ware and pottery, and the contents of our games drawers from the living room. Someone is moving in October 1, ans Leslie wants it ready Monday morning. The rest of the stuff in the basement can wait til I've gone thru this haul.

My sister is very different from me. I have no spoons at the moment to describe. It's been a rough day. Thank you, [profile] sweetmmeblue and family for feeding me when I stopped by to pick up tables tonight.

We should be climbing the Mountain tomorrow morning. Mum always considered Jaffrey, NH to be home. While she loved the ocean, it was Jaffrey that she thought was home when she had her stroke in 1999, and Mt. Mondanock has always been her favorite. She just loved that mountain. We'll be going up the White Dot trail, and down the White Cross, not Mum's favorite trails; her favorite was Pumpelly Ridge, which starts in Dublin and is much longer, 6 miles up I think, instead of 4 miles round trip the way we are planning. She also like the Spruce Link, and some of the trails which went up the left side of the mountain.
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Honey, bee stings and reactions to said stings, Mum memorial celebration of life, PISA... a lot going on, and no spoons to deal with writing at the moment. My house is a disaster, with an end on sight, but not until after this weekend, and probably the end of next week.

I do love my friends. I have the best friends. Thank you, all, for giving me support and love and hugs, whether near or far. I do so appreciate you all.
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THORNDIKE, Marguerite Marean “P.T.”, died Saturday, July 28, 2012, in Petaluma, CA, of complications of Alzheimer’s; she was holding her Dr’s hand. She was 84 years old. P.T. was a long-time resident of Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, and more recently of San Francisco, CA.

She is survived by her daughters Persis L. Thorndike of Milford, MA, Leslie J. Thorndike Goetz of San Francisco, CA, sons-in-law J. Spencer Love and James Goetz, beloved granddaughters Talis Marguerite Thorndike Love, Madeleine Thorndike Goetz and Julia Thorndike Goetz, her sister, Joan M. Comstock of Venice, FL, nephew Steven H. Comstock of C O, former husband David Thorndike of Jamestown, CO, and many friends around the world.

Born in New York City on April 24, 1928, P.T. was adopted by Endicott and Anna Marean, and lived in Cambridge, MA and Jaffrey Center, NH. Starting in October 1938, the family lived for 10 months in Surrey, England. She was a 1943 graduate of the Shady Hill School in Cambridge, a 1946 graduate of the Winsor School in Boston, and earned an AB in Government from Radcliffe College in 1950.

During college, P.T. worked summers at the Oribe Tea Barn in Jaffrey, earning just enough to pay her tuition of $300 for Radcliffe, with the exception of her last year, when the tuition went up to $450 and she had to take out a loan. She spent the following summer traveling in Europe, and after going to secretarial school, was employed at MIT as a Senior Clerk in the Digital Computer Lab.

She married David Thorndike in 1957, and they bought the house at 24 Bridge St., Manchester, MA, where she continued to live after the divorce in 1976. In 1999, P.T. had a stroke, and thereafter spent more and more time in San Francisco with her daughter, Leslie, moving there full-time in 2006. She enjoyed the stimulation and people of the Castro district, whom she met on her daily walks. On trips to the East Coast during the summer, she would stay in Milford, MA, with her daughter, Persis. In June, 2011, P.T. moved into the Alzheimer’s wing of the Evergreen Nursing Home in Petaluma, CA.

At an early age, P.T. began square and contra dancing in NH during the summers, and danced with Ralph Page’s exhibition New England square dance group for a number of years. She took her daughters to the weekly contra dance in Fitzwilliam during the summers from the late 60’s until the dances stopped in the late 70’s. She picked up contra dancing again in 1993, in Concord and Cambridge, when her daughter Persis began dancing again.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, P.T. sang in the Choir at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Beverly Farms under the direction of Robert Chisolm, as well as in various performances of Mozart’s Requiem. She enjoyed pottery, taking lessons for years at the DeCordova Museum School, and playing piano. When her children were in elementary school, P.T. worked in the school library, and later, taught pottery in the high school art department. She built a brick kiln for firing Japanese Raku pottery, and fired the kiln with several of her high school students.

A passionate cook, she threw wonderful parties. She started Hunky Dory Custom Cooking in 1976, rowing her double-ended Gloucester Light Dory around Manchester Harbor, offering coffee cakes and the Sunday NY Times to boats visiting the harbor on weekends. With a licensed kitchen, she cooked meals at home and brought them to her clients’ homes, and had a following not only on the North Shore of Massachusetts, but also in Pittsford, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, and California. Her catering business was halted by her stroke in 1999, although she continued to cook for visiting family and friends.

P.T. was a member of the Women’s Culinary Guild (now the Culinary Guild of New England) almost from the beginning in 1979, and served on their Board for many years, as Culinary Liaison to other food organizations, and as the Guild President from 1996-1997. She has always had an interest in food and wine, art and architecture, music, traveling, and meeting people. She had an easy smile and was modest about accepting praise, though she was acknowledged to be very good at her chosen profession."

Later in life, P.T. traveled to England, Ireland, Hawaii, Italy and France, and made several barge trips in France with friends. She enjoyed the travel, and especially the food and wine.

Her family will celebrate her life with a memorial hike to the summit of Mt. Monadnock, in Jaffrey, NH, in September. Since P.T. loved food, wine and good parties (with or without music), there will be a Potluck Celebration of her Life on September 16, 1 pm, at the house at 24 Bridge Street, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. Parking available at Crocker’s Boatyard upper yard, two houses down Bridge Street from the house. Please bring a favorite appetizer or dessert to share. Questions; please call or text 508-282-0089, or send e-mail to

Condolences can be sent to Persis L. Thorndike, 11 Wayne Road, Milford, MA 01757.
If you'd like to send a story or remembrance to be posted on Petie's Memorial Website,, please send it to Petie@Thorndike.Name.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations in her name to the Schlesinger Library, c/o Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 10 Garden St., Cambridge 02138

Please enjoy this recipe that got Hunky Dory Custom Cooking started.

P.T.’s Sour Cream Date Nut Coffee Cake

Pre-heat oven to 350°F
Use greased and floured angel food cake tube pan

½ lb butter
1 C sugar
3 eggs
1C sour cream
3 C flour plus 2 tbs flour
3 tsp Baking powder

1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla

Mix together butter, sugar. Add eggs, one at a time. Stir in 2T flour. Add sour cream.

Sift together: flour, baking powder, baking soda. Mix into butter mixture just until blended. Add vanilla.
Part one: ½ C sugar
1tsp cinnamon
Part two: ½ C walnut, chopped
½ C dates chopped

1st Layer 1/3 of dough
1/3 of sugar/cinnamon
½ of nuts/dates
2nd Layer 1/3 of dough
1/3 of sugar/cinnamon
½ of nuts/dates
3rd Layer Remaining of Dough
Remaining sugar/cinnamon
End with 3 ½ walnuts and 3 ½ dates placed on top of cake.

Bake for 1 hour.
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I am still here. Dealing with how to reply to an e-mail from my sister, in which she said she was uncomfortable with borrowing tables and chairs from people... Well, she is not running this show, I am, and *she* is not the one borrowing things. It has been pointed out to me that my sister is much more into materialistic and appearances, and always has been. My sister does not think I am capable of being successful... at anything.

Also pointed out to me that I need someone (or several someones) to keep me sane at Mum's Celebration of Life.

Details: Potlatch Celebration of Life for Marguerite M. "P.T. Thorndike,
Sunday, September 16, 1 pm
24 Bridge Street, Mancheater-by-the-Sea, MA 01944
Parking at Crocker's Upper Boat Yard (also on Bridge Street, towards Beverly Farms)

Please bring an appetizer, hors d'oeuvre, or dessert to share. Drinks will be provided.

Any questions? Please call or text me at 508-282-0089, or send e-mail to me at persis at thorndike dot name.
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The plan so far, is to have a brief spoken piece, hopefully in tents outside in the back/side yard of the house. Food and drink inside on banquet tables, small tables for some people to sit at, with chairs. Table for guest book, for people to sign, tell stories, etc. Business cards with memorial site and link to some of Mum's recipes which will be posted there.

So, I've been calling around to some rental places, and tents are expensive(!) My pockets are not that deep.

I am looking to borrow the following for use September 16, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, for a memorial Celebration of my Mum's Life.

4-6 pop-up tents (I have promise of 1 or 2 already)
6-8 banquet tables (I have promise of 1 8' and 1 6' table)
4-6 smaller card tables or rounds for general seating (I have two)
100+ folding chairs (12 from the Big Blue House) I think I can afford to rent these...

200 Wine glasses (probably better to rent these; I can get them for 35¢ each and avoid the delivery charge of we pick them up)

I own Mum's catering serving platters, and can buy paper goods and plastic glasses for soft drinks somewhere. I have plastic ware, probably enough.

I may have to amend these numbers, but I think this is good to start.

I still need to go looking for pictures.

On the plus side, the death notice is in for Sunday, Aug 5, and was in the Sunday Globe on page B10.

Downside, not being aware of issues at home. Not horrible, but not ideal.
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Just to be quick here, as I have to get up early to take Talis to her life guard course in Concord for 9 am.

Leslie and I had a phone conversation on Friday, where I told her that she had taken full responsibility for mum for e the past 6 years, and could she please let me do the planning and organizing of the memorial, as she seemed to be DONE (but did not say that she didn't seem to be able to let go of control). Leslie apologized in e-mail for not understanding what it was I wanted to do, and said she thought she understood what it was I wanted to do, and that she would stand behind me. (Except for the money... she doesn't have any to spare, and there is no estate.)

So, now to ask the architect who is renting the second floor of the house to please get me some measurements, and then to find out how much it will cost me to rent a tent, folding chairs, and banquet tables (and hope I have the money), and then we'll hold the event at the house, with tent for speaking, hopefully briefly), and food and drink in the house, so people can mingle from place to place. The house, first floor only, is not big enough for the numbers of people I think will come. If a tent, etc is too expensive, I shall have to turn to other venues. *sigh*

I think Leslie will come with her family, as they will be on this coast anyway, and it will be very good for her daughters to see that their Noni had a lot more going than they will ever know. If all goes well, we'll have a recording of the stories.

Last night I went to the contra and square dance at the Fitzwilliam Town Hall, in NH. I learned to dance there, when Mum brought us there every Saturday night during the summer, beginning when I was 10. I saw people I danced with back then, up until the late 70's. Hall was smaller than I had remembered (nostalgic), hot (always was), and full of people (how did we fit so many crazy energetic dancers in it back then?). On the way up, I caught glimpses of Mt. Monadnock, that David missed when I tried to point them out. Peaceful, not sad at all; grounding, homecoming.

There was a death notice in today's Boston Globe. If anyone local has a copy of Section B, could I please have it (several copies would not go wasted)?

I have to contact Winsor School, and once details are set, post both short death notice with picture, and longer obit (with recipe) to them.

More details to be posted here as I solidify them.


Jun. 21st, 2012 01:58 am
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I think I have finally reached some semblance of agreement with Talis, that she will go on this trip on Monday, for 32 days of sailing. She does not want to go to Not Back to School Camp, at all, but on the promise that she does not have to do this again next year, does not have to participate in the hikes this year after her knees have ached already, and the promise that I will provide her with enough dramamine (or equivalent) to cover her for the duration of the trip... And I will lend her my digital camera, to supplement the film camera she is taking with.

David helped me get an AC unit into her bedroom window. Nevermind that it is not her unit, or that I have had to stuff paper into the very wide cracks on each side. It is cooling her bedroom, and she is calmer than she has been all evening.

It has been a very long day. I am, with the exception of shipping computer and paperwork back, on unemployment for the rest of the summer, until August 23. I am of two minds about this. On the one hand, I will have time to get to all the stuff I put off for the last two months. On the other, there will be less money coming in.

And, depending on how things go tomorrow, I may end up missing Baitcon this year. More later.

Edit, 2:46 am It breaks my heart to see my very attractive, talented child having an anxiety/panic attack over having to cope with meeting and talking to people, and going someplace that almost anyone else would love to be in her shoes. She doesn't want to miss out on the summer plans here, despite the fact that there aren't really any so far, doesn't want to be away from her friends and her dog, and even doesn't want to go to the camp she has loved going to for the past 4 years. This parenting doesn't come with a good enough manual.
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I got a phone call from my sister this afternoon, updating me on Mum. Short short form is that she is going on respridol tomorrow, Monday, to try to control some bad behaviors. Apparently Mum is now in the "dementia with behavior" stage (if I understand my sister correctly).

It was very hard to get thru the rest of my work day. I need to remember to be strong, and am ever so very thankful that my old school friend Cindy Bedell sent me and Talis out to CA to see Mum last November.

More later, when I have sleep and more spoons.
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A lovely maroon Bonneville passed me on Fortune Boulevard this evening as I was on my way to a case in Millis.. driven by an old man, with his equally older passenger. Both wearing baseball caps.

Then there were cows in Medway. I love seeing cows out to pasture.

I have had a very long day of NSECE, quite productive. 12 hours of work...I love getting paid for talking to people. :-)

Balticon was a mix of ups and downs, ups included hearing after the fact (from a fan I whose name I knew but hd never met in person) that I had been called up on stage during Opening Ceremonies for recognition of my Filk hall of Fame award. [personal profile] gorgeousgary, one of my cohorts in Filk hall of Famedom, Filk Div Head, scheduled lots of beautiful music involving the Filk GoH's, Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps and John (last name forgotten ATM), and SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney. Downside was the car breaking down Saturday am in the Wegmans parking lot before breakfast, and the migraine from the frigid temps in the hotel. No one told me I should have packed my flannel-lined jeans, wool socks and turtlenecks. I lost 6.5 hours Saturday. Fortunately I have good friends who picked up my car from the garage before the garage closed for the day at 2 pm. Up was also the great cheers from behind the curtain when MC Marty Gear announced me as Tech Mom, during the behind the scenes tech staff listing. Sunday was a very successful tech party, Monday was strike, and drive home. AC pooping out after an hour on the road was not something we enjoyed, but by the time we got to NYC at about 5:30, temps had cooled off enough that it was bearable.

I have some pea seeds, but it is too late to start them now as they have a 63 day germination period. :-( But, I can start them in August for fall peas. Yay. I will get some green bean seeds and plant them instead in my front yard in a teepee trellis...

And tomorrow is the first farm share! Yay for greens and stuff. List will come tomorrow.

My family room is full of (3 disappointed and 2 friends) teenagers. Prom tickets were not available, so unfortunate that they were on sale for only 2 hours on one day, during school, at Dakota's OLD school, when he could not be there. SO the kids asked Brianna and Anthony to come over for a home made pizza party, complete with gluten-free, dairy-free pizza for Maya who is here from Chicago.

AND, I am employed from Aug 22 - November 16. PISA, Programme of International Student Assessment, see some very interesting questions. They remind me of either Math Team questions, or those found on the Math Olympiad. More details later, when I know them.

Winnie will be 6 months on Friday. Pictures will be up on LJ but not here, but not today.

We are the proud owners of a NEW white Ford Fiesta 5-speed stick shift car, with 16NJ81 plates. :-) Go me for having credit score high enough (but not where I would like it) to qualify with [personal profile] jsl for another car loan. Back up to 2 working cars, BRV is in shop having transmission rebuilt.
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I have had an exciting week so far. Last Saturday was supposed to be the last day of data collection for one of my projects, but late Friday, we got word that the contract was extended for 3 weeks. Since I have been successful at this project, I am part of the lean mean data collecting team...

On Friday last, I got an e-mail from my SIL Missy, with news of another Broadreach Adventure Tour for Talis, that needed an answer by Monday. Not Monday afternoon, or late afternoon, or even mid-day, but as I found out this am, FIRST THING today.

My other NORC project has been waiting for me to finish the other project, so they could have me full time... but now have to share me, again. Tuesday next is transmit and subsample time, so The work I end up doing on Wednesday may end up setting up interviews for someone else to complete while I am gone.

And, this weekend is Balticon. I am driving a car-full of people; three teens, and another friend, leaving Thursday morning, hopefully arriving in time for food at 5 before truck unloading begins. It will be a very full day.

Our BRV ended upon the side of the road down in Sagamore last Sunday, diagnosed this week with needing a new transmission. SO, we need an other vehicle, so this afternoon saw us at the DCU, getting pre-approved for a(nother) car loan, and looking several low-end cars at the Shrewsbury KIA dealership. I have no idea when we will end this saga, but probably not as soon as Spencer would like. Hopefully we can make a decision before I leave on Thursday, but...

The dog needs to be taken to Chelmsford to stay with Dakota for the weekend. When all depends on when I can get to work and hopefully not too late, although we can bring the dog there when no one is home, as the kitchen door will be open, and we can leave Winnie in the kitchen with their older dog.

Thank fortune there is someone to cover for me and be "the fish lady" at Eastleigh Farm this Friday.

Farm day is usually Thursday for this year. I am working four hours tomorrow, to make up for some of the time I am missing on Thursday. I cannot work next Tuesday, because I have NORC project work to do for sub-sampling, but also because Talis has a friend coming on from Chicago, who lands at Logan at 9, am, Tuesday.

There may be a side trip to DC on Thursday evening or Friday morning to visit SIL and MIL/Grandma... I should know tomorrow. *sigh*

So, I am a bit overcommitted and out of sanity and spoons this week. Hopefully next week will calm down. June brings Baitcon, and bat mitzvahs and weddings, and then ConCertino. July might have more free time.

I have been employed for 5 months so far this year, and hopefully will be employed for the rest of the year, on a variety of projects. This is better than last year (employed for 5 months total), and hopefully I won't jinx myself. Keep fingers crossed.

"Don't tell me not to burn the candle at both ends, just tell me where to get more wax." - Nancy Button from my collection.
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So now it can be told. I have been inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame. Tonight, Spencer accepted for me, as I was busy being Dance Performance Chair at NEFFA. Thank you all, it is a great honor, and I am honored, surprised, totally floored, that my filk family/community thinks enough of what I do for Interfilk and the community in general to give me this award. Wow!

I wonder if the following cut-tag will work the way I want it to...
Acceptance )

Mum Update

Apr. 15th, 2012 02:31 pm
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There's been too much going on, my life is quite chaotic, more than usual.

But, I talked to my sister for a few minutes today, about Mum.

Apparently Mum has a bunch of painful sores on her face that are skin cancer, and the skin doctor recommends a cream to help them heal and hopefully clear up in about 4-6 weeks. He does not recommend any other treatments (chemo or radiation are not appropriate) and taking them off is too invasive for Mum at this point. Leslie (my sister) says that Mum would just take off the bandages and pick at them. (Yuck.) But the cream is supposed to help.

Alzheimer's really sucks. So does cancer, of any sort.

On other points, NEFFA is next weekend. There are still a few snags I have to deal with regarding the dance performances, but I managed to fill the hole left in the middle of the Saturday evening slot, and now only have to chase down the Irish groups who are not communicating. *sigh*

And, my two NORC projects are going well.

Other than that, I need hugs. And some sanity.
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AS some of you know, the inhabitants of the Big Blue House are ALL involved in this year's North Cambridge Family Opera production, Flying High. Spencer has the role of Mickey King, (evil) record producer who hates kids and Talis sings Grace, owner of Rockerectors (a scaffolding company that has been hired to build the sets for a music video) and mother of Dee, lead singer of a band called The Usual Suspects. David is lighting designer, and I am in the King's Men sub-chorus.

Spencer, Talis and I are in Cast X, in shows 1, 3, 6, 8; dates and times listed below. We are also all working the opposite cast shows as well (stage crew, makeup and lobby sales, respectively), so I will understand if you can't make the shows that we are in. But, I do urge you to come see Spencer throw a temper tantrum onstage, in his first major singing role, and Talis also, with her wonderful expressiveness and fabulous voice. They both have a goodly amount of stage time. I do have several solo lines, and am really enjoying being in the same chorus as [personal profile] moria923.

Here's the NCFO publicity blurb.

Please come to the North Cambridge Family Opera's
American premiere of:

Music by Graham Preskett
Book and Lyrics by John Kane

Flying High is the story of a wildly successful but unhappy pop star and a band just starting out, and how they both seek fulfillment in the unscrupulous world of the music industry.

Featuring entertaining lyrics set to singable music in a variety of styles, Flying High is presented by an inter-generational cast in English with side titles. This production comprises two 40-minute acts (plus intermission) and will appeal to audiences of all ages. The composer and librettist of Flying High also wrote Antiphony (performed by NCFO in 2002 and 2006), and those of you familiar with that work will recall how memorable Graham's tunes are and how clever John's lyrics are.

A synopsis with samples of the music can be found on the website.

Flying High will be performed eight times at the Peabody School, 70 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge MA (North Cambridge, between Porter Square and Arlington):

1. Saturday, March 24 at 3:00pm
2. Saturday, March 24 at 7:00pm
3. Sunday, March 25 at 1:00pm
4. Sunday, March 25 at 5:00pm
5. Saturday, March 31 at 3:00pm
6. Saturday, March 31 at 7:00pm
7. Sunday, April 1 at 1:00pm
8. Sunday, April 1 at 5:00pm

The cast of more than 135 chorus members and soloists are drawn from many Greater Boston communities and range in age from 7 to 85. They are divided into two casts, and both are
excellent, but I'm partial to the cast performing in shows 1, 3, 6 and 8 because they star Talis, Spencer as Grace, Mickey King, and me in the King;s Men sub-chorus. Information on which cast members perform in which shows can be found at

Contributing to this production are David Bass (music director), Dave Cash, Kathy Lindsay, and David Sandberg (stage direction), and Corinne Mason, Susan Fendell, and Rachel Zimmerman (choreography). Set design is by Peter Watson of Peter Watson Stage Design, and the lighting design is by David Silber. The show is produced by Carla Procaskey.

Admission this year is free. NCFO welcomes donations and suggests $5.00 for children, $10.00 for adults. But, to make sure you get in, you may PURCHASE TICKETS in advance, also $5.00 for children, $10.00 for adults (several shows sold out last year). Seating is general admission.

Snacks will be available for purchase at intermission; in addition, sandwiches will be available at the Sunday 5:00pm shows only. T-shirts, CDs and DVDs will also be available for purchase at intermission as will Family Opera "grams" to send congratulations to all of your friends in the cast and crew.

Come early to make sure you get a good seat! For more information about NCFO, visit You can also like us on Facebook at Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.

See you at the show!
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Talis and I adopted Winnie (short for Winfred, friend of Peace) this morning, thru Pooches on the Move. More later when it is light out, and one hour earlier... don't forget daylight savings time.

RIP Grover

Feb. 11th, 2012 11:20 am
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Despite a trip to the ER and looking much better last night, Grover didn't make it. And the worst part of it is, I can't tell Talis because she is in the air flying home from Florida.


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