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I do not know anything about comic books, what the value is to collectors, if any, other than sentimental. Any suggestions would be gladly taken.

Comic books thus far:
The Badger: lots; 21 in packages of 2, plus singles, #43-65 + 2 others
Hellblazer: 24 assorted (32, 33, 34, 35, 434, 46, 48, 73, 76, 78, 83, 86), 251, 252, 254-256, Chas the Knowledge, 1,2,4 of 5 (2008); Lady Constantine 3,4 ((2003), Papa Midnight 2, 3 of 5 (2005) plus graphic novel Original Sins, graphic novel Empathy bis the Enemy
Nexus: 7 issues, including 3 Nexus/Badger crossovers
Michael Moorcock's Hawkmoon, Jewel in the Skull 1-4, plus 3 others
X-Men; 12, 21-24, 26, 27, plus Ultimate X-Men issue 2
Superman: 10 mostly summer 2000 issues
Assorted Blade of the Immortal MANGA 12
DC Comics Millenium Editions: 6

First Publishing, various authors, 5 issue series complete, begins with Whisper and Sable Meet at the Crossroads.

Various others, in smaller numbers: Sandman (3), Swamp Thing (3), The Children's Crusade (3), Wolverine (2), Scarab (2), The Books of Magic (2), Grendel Tales (2),

Assorted singles, DC Comics, a few Dark Horse and Marvel.

Dr. Strange Into Shaballa graphic novel.

Any clues?
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I am collecting stories and remembrances of Badger, to put onto the posters that will be at the MIT memorial on Friday, the Arisia filk on Sunday at 1 pm, Boskone, (hopefully) Lunacon, and Readercon this year.

If you would like to contribute your favorite (or more than one) Badger story, please either post here for all to read, or send them to me at persis at thorndike dot name, and I will print them out and include them.
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Friday, January 13, 3 pm, there will be a memorial service for [profile] badgerthorazine at the chapel at MIT followed by a reception in room 491 at the Student Center. There will be a shuttle bus from the Arisia hotel (Westin Waterfront, Boston) running from 2-6 pm.

For clarification; the MIT chapel is the round brick building with a bit of stained glass, across the green from Kresge Auditorium, and also across the concrete walkway from the Student Center. The Student Center is across Mass Ave from the main entrance at 77 Mass Ave. The chapel is building W15 on the MIT Campus Map.

I have unearthed several gems from Talis's childhood: Tiki Bar Pool, suitable for Barbie's or other dolls of that size. I think it was a Bratz item... Also, Bratz Rock Stage, suitable for any doll that general size...

Please let me know if you have small children who would be interested in either or both of these. Preference to local, unless you can arrange fannish/mongol transport. Tiki Pool fits into a large box.

Book: Kid's Rooms, Ideas and Projects for Children's Spaces, by Jennifer Levy.

Trendmasters Cyber Pet Chameleon (minus the magnetic fly). I believe this would work just fine with new batteries for the body (4 AA's) and the remote (3 L1154's)... and you could find a small magnet for the fly. Could not find an link anywhere, but the copyright date on the bottom is 2000.

Any takers?
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Pat Washburn, Badger/[profile] badgerthorazine's sister, has been awesome and scheduled a memorial service.

Please forward as appropriate: Memorial service for Alice E. Washburn will be Friday, Jan. 13, at 3 p.m. at the MIT Chapel in Cambridge, with reception to follow at the nearby Student Center.

There will also be a memorial filk at Arisia, sometime later that weekend, at the Westin Waterfront Hotel, which will also include remembering Chris Croughton, aka Keris, a British filker who was in a fatal car crash in early November. Details on that will be forthcoming. (And also one at Boskone, and I expect Lunacon, and a reading or some other remembrance at Readercon; all these details still need to be figured out.)

Please excuse me if I have forgotten anything, I am low on spoons today.
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Badger's sister, Pat updated this morning: As of now Alice has the dialysis line in place and seems to be tolerating it reasonably well. It's one of those times when "much the same" is actually good news. Dad and I will regroup and see how things are tomorrow.

I believe I will still be going in the MGH later this afternoon, and will take good wishes, hugs, and prayers with me.
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Badger's sister, Patricia Washburn, posted this morning after we held our family conference at MGH with Dr. Stephanie Whitener and one of the nurse's: Alice E. Washburn/Badger [profile] badgerthorazine has had a setback and is experiencing some strain on her heart and kidneys as well as her original lung failure. She and Jeremy Parsons are very fortunate to have awesome friends in Suli Isaacs and Persis Thorndike, as well as all the many others who are praying/visualizing/thinking good thoughts. Dad and I will be celebrating a quiet holiday and wishing you all comfort and peace.

If you have been keeping Badger in your hearts/prayers/thoughts, please continue to do so. I am planning on going in again tomorrow or Monday.


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