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So, I tried, just for grins, changing the e-dress used for FB to my lovesong dot com e-dress, and what do you know? I got an e-mail *immediately* and now have to wait 23 hours and 59 minutes before I can put my new password to the test. Maybe FB just can't cope with dot name e-dresses. Grump.

I wrote a post several days ago about my upcoming work trip to Chicago, and noticed that is did not cross-post to LJ. So, here goes again.

I am heading to Chicago next Monday, March 12, for a Tues-Fri week of job training for another NORC project. They seem to like my ability to get people to talk to me, so I will be working 3 projects for the first weeks of April, then after Long Term Trends of NAEP ends, it will be back to just the two NORC projects, which will keep me employed until sometime in August. Then all I need to do is find something between August and December, when it is time again for the usual NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress).

I will be at the Marriott Oak Brook Hills Resort in Oak Brook, Illinois, will not have a car, and should be available evenings. I would love to see any Chicago area friends who have the time to come to me, as I will not have a car.

Other than this, I have been extremely busy, running Front of the House for Sudbury Savoyards, running NEFFA dance performances (which I will have to catch up on this week), picking up Guest Liaison tasks for ConCertino, as well as Bee Classes (Tuesdays with Talis)... and being in one of the sub-choruses for Flying High, this years North Cambridge Family Opera production.

The entire household is involved. I have the smallest part, as I am chorus (but I get to spend lots of time with [profile] moira923 as she is also in my cast and chorus); Talis and Spencer have leads (Talis is also doing make-up for both casts, Spencer is in charge of body mics for the opposite cast), and David is designing the lights. I will be helping out in the Lobby with concessions and other sales for the shows I am not performing in, and may be contributing costuming construction experience, so I guess I don't have that small a part in the whole production.

Performance dates are March 24, 25, 31 and April 1. The Big Blue House residents can be seen March 24, 3 pm, and March 25, 1 pm and March 31, 7 pm, and April 1, 5 pm. Admission is by suggested donation of $5/child $10/adult, but if you want guaranteed seating, you should order tickets, either form me, or thru the web site at the link above. We are having a blast with this, and you should all come see us! :-)
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I have cleverly forgotten the password I changed my fb account to, back when it was hacked a few months ago.

And, when I ask them to send me a password reset, I fail to get one. Anyone else had issue with this?



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