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Last week, 5 July, 2012:

1 head lettuce,
1 bunch swiss chard,
1 bunch beets,
1 green cabbage,
1# carrots,
1/2# pac choi,
2 green squash (zucchini or Kusa)
5 yellow squash (yellow straight neck, patty pan),
3 cucumbers,
1 bunch green onions

PYO: 1 quart green beans, peas, herbs and flowers

Take some: chinese cabbage, basil tops, hakurei turninps

I seem to be the squash queen again this year. I harvested 212 patty pan from ONE bed, and 288 yellow straight neck from 2 beds. Found triplets in the kusa bed: overlooked squash hiding underneath ended up almost as long as my forearm, and weighing a lot. There are 8 total squash beds right now, and the other days don't seem to be remembering them all every week. Hopefully they will learn.

Fish this week was BLUEFISH, yummm. Right now I am really liking everything I try from Jane Brody's Good Seafood Book

Sad news on Eastleigh Farm, one of their workers and staunchest supporters, Edgar Pless, passed away in his sleep on Tuesday July 3. They were reeling from this and still floundering a bit, as Edgar had been at the dairy since the beginning, and although he kept small notebooks, had an awful lot of information in his head. He was 65.

Yesterday was an especially busy day, as when Talis called Sunday (in tears, she was missing Winnie, us (Mum and Dad), Dakota (except he was not picking up his phone AGAIN this week) and her knees really really hurt, but through the tears she also said she was having a good time. And said that there was a space opened up on the extension part of the trip (sailing the boat back to St. Maarten from Trinidad), so I spent a bunch of yesterday finding out about costs and changing tickets (impossible from an international departure for a one-way ticket, but I can get a voucher for the ticket amount that she has to use within a year). SO, she;s all set, now returning home on August 1. :-) It's a good thing I do not have work outside the house, as Winnie really likes being with people.

But in and around doing this trip work, I got an incredible amount of stuff done yesterday, not necessarily in order done: emptied dishwasher, cooked breakfast for 2, ate for 1, walked dog, spent loads of time on hold trying to work something out for Talis (finally resolved at $450 for the additional 6 days, plus return flight investigation), ate lunch while on hold, balanced 2 auctions from ConCertino weekend, tended 2 hives, put honey supers on both (yes, I know it's late, the hive bodies are HEAVY), cut pine branches away from blue hive in back, dragged away said branches, swept downstairs linoleum (front hall, kitchen, dining room)... made Interfilk deposit, went to large puppy play, walked dog again, made dinner for 3, washed dishes, made plane reservations (booked return ticket from St. Maarten, yes, on Jet Blue again, as there are 2 hours between flights) and paid for extension...

Here is the Broadreach link to Talis's trip journals. It links to the one Talis wrote about the 4th of July, about their day doing community service on Montserrat. You should read them all, and look at the pictures. Please let me know what you think about Talis's writing ability. [I think she does a pretty good job, is much more detailed that almost all the others, but I may be slightly biased. I think I should cut & paste this into a word doc so Talis can use it as an example of her writing...]

This morning, I took David to the 6:23 train (there is something just magical about mist rising off the lakes and ponds early in the mornings, makes me smile), and decided to go over to the farm to drop off the boxes from the back of my car. I had made arrangements to pick up some used honey supers later in the morning, and needed to room in the car. So, Winnie and I arrived, he got out while I transferred boxes to the barn, finding all sorts of new and wonderful smells to explore. We went out into the fields to pick green beans, and peas (whatever we could find of snap peas, mostly gone past, but still enough to make it worthwhile), and herbs and flowers. Got some nice summer savory and oregano, Winnie had lost patience and wanted to walk, so flowers will have to some another day.

Must make another post to cover ConCertino, Talis's trip and extension, Winnie, early morning mist over ponds, social, Harvard Square Theater closed... Readercon, death and dying and what we leave (or don't leave) behind; I know there's other things that I have been thinking of writing about, but never have the time to sit and just write.


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