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So, the other day, I did not get out to be social with a whole bunch of people because I had had a week... part of which involved being transferred from one supervisor to another on one project, then not hearing from that new supervisor... plus very long intense interviews for the other project; all compounding into a weekend where I was just not coping with having to go OUT.

So, I did the first pass on the 20 or so boxes of cookbook from Mum's collection.

I have at least 5 bankers boxes, overflowing, so make that 6 or 7 bankers boxes, of cookbooks to catalog and give away. These are either duplicates of books I already have (Mum gave me a lot of cookbooks) or ones I am not interested in keeping, for one reason or another.

Tonight, instead of doing cataloging books, or doing two debriefs for SCF cases, I spent about 2 hours on a report call with the new supervisor (she's in California and just got 12 new field interviewers (FIs) and a whole bunch of new-to-her cases, all over the country), looked at fb, lj, and e-mail, and calculated how much mileage I spent on each project today.

I should go to bed now, as tomorrow is a farm day, and it is supposed to be hot and humid again, in the mid-80's.

Cookbook lists should be coming soon. Anyone who will be at OVFF should tell me if there is anything they want from these book lists, soon, so I can pack them into whatever car Spencer is driving out. sanyone else, either come for food at the Big Blue House, or we'll make other arrangements.
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All residents of the Big Blue House are OK, as are the 5 visiting teens who took the train back into Town mid-day (and did NOT go see the finish line in Copley, but sensibly went home to Cambridge/Somerville/Watertown). Go hug your loved ones, and live each day to the fullest.

For the first time in years, I am filing an extension for both federal and state. I have money owed to me, but I need to double check on some things before sending them in.

I started working on my cases for CBECS today.
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Anyone here have today's Globe?

I am currently away in LA on job training, but was told that there was a front page story on TIMMS and Massachusetts.

I am interested in copies of this story, especially since MA 8th graders have performed so well, 2nd only to 8th grade students in Singapore, but also because I worked on the data collection end of this project and it would be nice to have records of the fruits of my labors.

I'll be home on Thursday, and could come collect said pages, or you could mail them to me at the Big Blue House, 11 Wayne Road, Milford, MA 01757.

Many thanks! in advance.
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Among other things that I do, and am busy with ATM...

I work for Westat as an Assessment Coordinator for the NAEP (National Assessment for Education Progress, aka the Nation's Report Card. We have another big NAEP coming up this winter, with assessments running the end of January to the first week of February, in schools all a round the country. Massachusetts has a very large number of schools participating this year, so we are looking for more people to work as assessment administrators. I thought of you all as people who are in networks and might know interested people (Minorities and Spanish-speaking individuals are high on Westat's hiring list, although they will hire anyone who they think is good, and I now the interviewers here in MA). I love this job; it gets me people contact, paperwork that I really enjoy, and it is something that benefits the public schools (even though my daughter is not a part of them).

Most of the work is mornings, with the exception of training (a full day in January), and some of the booklet prep, which can run to early afternoon, depending on how the assessments are scheduled. We are especially looking for people to work in the Worcester area, although I also need one more person to work on my team (495 Franklin-Marlboro and in to Framingham-ish) as well. You are paid for mileage and drive time (from when you leave your house to when you get home after the assessment.

This would be a perfect part time job for someone with older kids, or someone whose kids are out of the house, or who is retired. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Here's the link for the NAEP AA position.

Go to
Select the "Search field data collector jobs" and search for the NAEP AA position to apply.
For more information, e-mail or call 1-888-237-8036.
For more information abut NAEP please visit

If you know anyone, please let me know their name(s), so I can get credit with my field manager for suggesting them.
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So, I tried, just for grins, changing the e-dress used for FB to my lovesong dot com e-dress, and what do you know? I got an e-mail *immediately* and now have to wait 23 hours and 59 minutes before I can put my new password to the test. Maybe FB just can't cope with dot name e-dresses. Grump.

I wrote a post several days ago about my upcoming work trip to Chicago, and noticed that is did not cross-post to LJ. So, here goes again.

I am heading to Chicago next Monday, March 12, for a Tues-Fri week of job training for another NORC project. They seem to like my ability to get people to talk to me, so I will be working 3 projects for the first weeks of April, then after Long Term Trends of NAEP ends, it will be back to just the two NORC projects, which will keep me employed until sometime in August. Then all I need to do is find something between August and December, when it is time again for the usual NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress).

I will be at the Marriott Oak Brook Hills Resort in Oak Brook, Illinois, will not have a car, and should be available evenings. I would love to see any Chicago area friends who have the time to come to me, as I will not have a car.

Other than this, I have been extremely busy, running Front of the House for Sudbury Savoyards, running NEFFA dance performances (which I will have to catch up on this week), picking up Guest Liaison tasks for ConCertino, as well as Bee Classes (Tuesdays with Talis)... and being in one of the sub-choruses for Flying High, this years North Cambridge Family Opera production.

The entire household is involved. I have the smallest part, as I am chorus (but I get to spend lots of time with [profile] moira923 as she is also in my cast and chorus); Talis and Spencer have leads (Talis is also doing make-up for both casts, Spencer is in charge of body mics for the opposite cast), and David is designing the lights. I will be helping out in the Lobby with concessions and other sales for the shows I am not performing in, and may be contributing costuming construction experience, so I guess I don't have that small a part in the whole production.

Performance dates are March 24, 25, 31 and April 1. The Big Blue House residents can be seen March 24, 3 pm, and March 25, 1 pm and March 31, 7 pm, and April 1, 5 pm. Admission is by suggested donation of $5/child $10/adult, but if you want guaranteed seating, you should order tickets, either form me, or thru the web site at the link above. We are having a blast with this, and you should all come see us! :-)
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I have another job training in Chicago coming up (at the Chicago Oak Brook Hills Marriot Resort in Oak Brook); I have been hired for another NORC project. They seem to like the way I get things done. So, I arrive Monday afternoon, have some bit of registering to do, and I think will have that evening free, as well as (I think) Tues, Wed and Thursday evenings.

Any of my Chicago-area friends available that week?
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Friday, I got a text from my friend Suli, who said that our friend Badger was in MGH and it did not sound good. She broke her left femur on November 15, had surgery on it November 18, was recovering (Suli and daughter went to visit on the 19th) and was in ICU as of the 20th. I went with Suli yesterday, Sunday, to visit. I hate when awful stuff is happening to my friends.

This was posted this morning on the Updates page: Badger's sister spoke with the nurse at MGH. The nurse explained that when Alice broke her leg, it most likely released fat from the bone marrow into her bloodstream and caused her to go into lung failure. There is not much they can do except keep her body supported while her lungs repair themselves, a process that is likely to take weeks. She is in a medical coma now, and is on the maximum amount of machine-supported breathing assistance. She's also fighting infection and they're keeping an eye out for blood clots.

This is pretty serious stuff and I'm sure her partner Jeremy would appreciate the support of friends now. Her sister is keeping in touch with the medical folk at the hospital, but I know Badger needs as much positive energy and prayers as we can all spare. This is going to be a long haul.

On other fronts, I have two contractors coming in to look and give estimates, and the insurance adjuster comes in tomorrow at 8 am. I am slowly getting a handle on cleaning up and out.

Someone at HarperCollins sent me a copy of Gregory MaGuire's Out of Oz. Thank you, annonymous gift giver!

It was great to see my step-mother while in SF visiting Mum and my sister. What a nice bonus. Talis loved seeing her too.

On Saturday, while waiting around for Spencer at Home Despot, I found out that Marty Gear had surgery on Friday, to replace his defibrillator (aka hockey puck). Having spoken to him yesterday, he sounds great and seems to be doing better than ever.

And this morning, I got a call and two e-mails about my next NORC project. I should be hearing more later today; training starts next week, the project begins in January.

So, this month has certainly had its ups and downs. December has got to be better.
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This is actually a placeholder for somethings I want to note down, and hopefully be able to expand upon at some date hopefully sooner than later.

Have started planning for NEFFA, April 20-22, 2012 dance performances. If any one has an international dance group they think should be seen as part of the Dance Performances, please let me know, or send them to the NEFFA web site, where the application link will be up until 23:59 on November 1.

End of farm last week was bittersweet, as I have really enjoyed being the pick up coordinator on Thursdays. It gave me another angle of the CSA world, and I loved seeing the Thursday share holders every week for 4.5 months, seeing the kids grow, sharing recipes and what to do with the items in each weeks share, and discovering new friends. The farm assistants, Lauren and Bea; wonderful strong women I hope to keep in my life. Other workshares also.

Talis finally home from her summer jaunts around the US and the French West Indies. She's almost 16, and itching to drive. Drivers Ed now required in MA to even take a driving test... and expensive! Note: call the local high school to see if they get any price breaks.

Listing of patterns, books, etc from Russell's Mom's belongings.

Gifts from RJ: 1933 edition of Fannie Farmer (aka The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, by FM Farmer); 100th Anniversary publication by H.P.Hood & Sons in 1946 Foods That Made New England Famous, 100 Favorite Recipes from the Kitchens of Old New England; The Galloping Gourmet Television Cookbook, Vol. 1 and 2. by Graham Kerr; Hidden gardens of Beacon Hill published by the Beacon Hill Garden Club in 1972; and The Boston See Party; A Walking or Riding Tour of Boston, Freedom Trail, , MIT-Harvard, Concord, Lexington, Plymouth, I think by Allan Dow, CPCU, Vice President , Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, no year.

Westat project: Long Term Trends. Ongoing from Oct-May... very few hours overall for AA position. I am low person on the totem pole for the cushy positions with Westat. :-(

NORC project: National Survey of Early Care and Education, training early December, study starts Jan 9.

Arisia... SPeaker to hotel about food, Tech Mom, Voyagers Grand Sleepover

Boskone: Mentor Talis in DragonsLair programming

OVFF: Not going this year... :-(

Wegman's: got a thanks but no thanks letter for both customer service and kitchen work. Still no word from TJ's.

Lists of things to give away. Two glitter lamps, same idea as lava lamps. Is anyone having a clothing swap anytime soon?

And, the wife of a dear friend passed on last Saturday evening. Service and burial on Sunday. The benefit of not going to Ohio.

well, this got to be long...
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Let's try this again, originally posted to DW at 7:47pm.

OK, It's now time to stop reading FB and LJ, and make dinner of Hen in the Woods mushroom (yes, I did get another one from Kray the Mushroom Guy... they are addicting), and something else for more protein...

I had a pretty OK interview with Wegman's earlier, after I cleaned up from the farm; they say they will get back to me in a timely manner. We shall see.

Yesterday, L and I finished up building the new raised bed for herbs that we started Friday. It's 3+'x 5', and looks lovely, right next to the strawberry bed in front. Now, to populate it with some perennials, and think about annuals for the spring. :-) Pictures later.


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