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So, the other day, I did not get out to be social with a whole bunch of people because I had had a week... part of which involved being transferred from one supervisor to another on one project, then not hearing from that new supervisor... plus very long intense interviews for the other project; all compounding into a weekend where I was just not coping with having to go OUT.

So, I did the first pass on the 20 or so boxes of cookbook from Mum's collection.

I have at least 5 bankers boxes, overflowing, so make that 6 or 7 bankers boxes, of cookbooks to catalog and give away. These are either duplicates of books I already have (Mum gave me a lot of cookbooks) or ones I am not interested in keeping, for one reason or another.

Tonight, instead of doing cataloging books, or doing two debriefs for SCF cases, I spent about 2 hours on a report call with the new supervisor (she's in California and just got 12 new field interviewers (FIs) and a whole bunch of new-to-her cases, all over the country), looked at fb, lj, and e-mail, and calculated how much mileage I spent on each project today.

I should go to bed now, as tomorrow is a farm day, and it is supposed to be hot and humid again, in the mid-80's.

Cookbook lists should be coming soon. Anyone who will be at OVFF should tell me if there is anything they want from these book lists, soon, so I can pack them into whatever car Spencer is driving out. sanyone else, either come for food at the Big Blue House, or we'll make other arrangements.
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I do not know anything about comic books, what the value is to collectors, if any, other than sentimental. Any suggestions would be gladly taken.

Comic books thus far:
The Badger: lots; 21 in packages of 2, plus singles, #43-65 + 2 others
Hellblazer: 24 assorted (32, 33, 34, 35, 434, 46, 48, 73, 76, 78, 83, 86), 251, 252, 254-256, Chas the Knowledge, 1,2,4 of 5 (2008); Lady Constantine 3,4 ((2003), Papa Midnight 2, 3 of 5 (2005) plus graphic novel Original Sins, graphic novel Empathy bis the Enemy
Nexus: 7 issues, including 3 Nexus/Badger crossovers
Michael Moorcock's Hawkmoon, Jewel in the Skull 1-4, plus 3 others
X-Men; 12, 21-24, 26, 27, plus Ultimate X-Men issue 2
Superman: 10 mostly summer 2000 issues
Assorted Blade of the Immortal MANGA 12
DC Comics Millenium Editions: 6

First Publishing, various authors, 5 issue series complete, begins with Whisper and Sable Meet at the Crossroads.

Various others, in smaller numbers: Sandman (3), Swamp Thing (3), The Children's Crusade (3), Wolverine (2), Scarab (2), The Books of Magic (2), Grendel Tales (2),

Assorted singles, DC Comics, a few Dark Horse and Marvel.

Dr. Strange Into Shaballa graphic novel.

Any clues?


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