Sep. 25th, 2012 11:23 pm
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I have a bunch of things I want to do, but am finding it hard to concentrate these days. I know part of it it that I am finally done (sort of) with my responsibilities of Mum, and now have time to be not ON all the time, and, the weather has changed so I am feeling those effects in sinuses.

Today, I made a New Patient appointment with Tufts Dental School, as a second tooth chipped off a quarter, so now I have TWO teeth (# 30 and # 31, bottom left molars) that need crowns (but not root canals) right away. Each of them would be in the neighborhood of $1300 if I went to my regular dentist, because MA Health does not cover dental other than cleanings twice yearly and x-rays...

I also took Winnie tot eh vet to be weighed again; 50.4# today, and to get heartworm meds for the next year (there was a rebate if I bought a years supply).

I want to find time for the following, in no particular order:
dinners here with friends,
writing, several sorts: stories of Mum, cooking adventures, farming,
sorting thru: Mums boxes, my closet, my office,
training Winnie,

I am sure there are other things that should be on the list, but that's a start.
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I should have posted this last night, but after making dinner and finally getting around to eating it, I watched a movie with David, then went to bed. I did wash all dinner dishes and make sure the kitchen counter was clean and clear for breakfast in the morning.

√ took the dog out, made breakfast and took D to the train at 6:23, drove home and took a nap until a more reasonable hour,
√ Call Jet Blue about Talis's missing luggage, twice (am and pm, just to make sure it got to her),
√ empty flip tote from Balticon (had to wait for box of 16mm film (6 or 7 reels, very heavy) to be collected before I could reach flip tote), re-purposed flip tote to hold Talis art supplies,
√ clean upstairs main bathroom top to bottom,
√ call Marcia C for recommendation of person to trim/take down some trees in yard,
√ call Ryan Wood, said recommended tree person, left message, played phone tag, finally reached at 16:40, arranged for consult/estimate at 17:30 Wednesday,
√ called financial advisor for money for NBTSC, waiting to hear back,
√ winter boots into clear flip tote, took them to attic for storage,
√ spare pillows into bag and into attic for storage,
√ several walks in the afternoon with Winnie, after he spent the entire morning refusing to come downstairs (moping about missing Talis is my best guess),
√ printed out Interfilk paperwork for this weekends' IF auction (still need to cut),
√ designed and printed out paperwork for silent auction for some of Badger's books,
√ picked D up from the train station,
√ verified with neighbor which tree branches he had issues with hanging over his fence... [this man just does not get being green... he is more concerned with not having to deal with acorns making noise on his porch roof, pine needles in his pool, leaves; almost as bad (but in a different way) as the OCD lawn slave who used to live on the other side of us (but who finally sold his house 2? years ago). He also complained to S over Memorial Day weekend about the bees... I think that is dealt with sufficiently that he won;t go complain to the town],
√ ordered lobsters for this weekends Neptune's Catch,
√ made appointment with man from Explosion cleaners for Tuesday morning,
√ mowed front lawn before the rain came down,
√ got soaked by rain downpour while out on walk with Winnie, who met some friends down the street,
√ emptied dishwasher,
√ made dinner,
√ watched a movie from T's netflix cue (Spork, for the curious)
√ went to bed.

I am *thrilled* that the EPA seems to have won a major court victory. Thanks, [personal profile] filkertom for the news.

As of this morning, Talis's baggage seems to still be en route, as she will be at St. Bart's later today, and Imogene at the Broadreach office in Raleigh says I will be getting a call from one of the Caribbean program director's once he has gotten it into her hands. She said they outfitted her with a sleeping bag, towels, and a few extra t-shirts from their stash before her boat left St. Maarten on Monday. I am sure she will come thru this with aplomb, if not also some aggravation. I haven't heard from her since Monday, as they took her SIM Tuesday morning.

And now, off to yet another day of productivity. First priority is getting ready for house guests and ConCertino, next is getting to the larger projects that had been put off and put off because of work.
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With only the dog to take care of during the day, my plans for the coming month involve lots of decrufting.

My list includes:
taking the dog to the vet to have nail clipped,
taking wire hangars to the dry cleaners for recycling,
reorganizing the corner room so the furniture in the van can fit in,
moving the couch in the front hall into the corner room,
putting winter boots up in the attic,
finding and putting all winter gloves and scarves up in the attic,
finding more of the floor in my bedroom,
finding my desk in that room over the garage that used to be my office

That said, anyone interested in some plastic hangars and/or some large (18" or 20" square) moving boxes?
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A lovely maroon Bonneville passed me on Fortune Boulevard this evening as I was on my way to a case in Millis.. driven by an old man, with his equally older passenger. Both wearing baseball caps.

Then there were cows in Medway. I love seeing cows out to pasture.

I have had a very long day of NSECE, quite productive. 12 hours of work...I love getting paid for talking to people. :-)

Balticon was a mix of ups and downs, ups included hearing after the fact (from a fan I whose name I knew but hd never met in person) that I had been called up on stage during Opening Ceremonies for recognition of my Filk hall of Fame award. [personal profile] gorgeousgary, one of my cohorts in Filk hall of Famedom, Filk Div Head, scheduled lots of beautiful music involving the Filk GoH's, Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps and John (last name forgotten ATM), and SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney. Downside was the car breaking down Saturday am in the Wegmans parking lot before breakfast, and the migraine from the frigid temps in the hotel. No one told me I should have packed my flannel-lined jeans, wool socks and turtlenecks. I lost 6.5 hours Saturday. Fortunately I have good friends who picked up my car from the garage before the garage closed for the day at 2 pm. Up was also the great cheers from behind the curtain when MC Marty Gear announced me as Tech Mom, during the behind the scenes tech staff listing. Sunday was a very successful tech party, Monday was strike, and drive home. AC pooping out after an hour on the road was not something we enjoyed, but by the time we got to NYC at about 5:30, temps had cooled off enough that it was bearable.

I have some pea seeds, but it is too late to start them now as they have a 63 day germination period. :-( But, I can start them in August for fall peas. Yay. I will get some green bean seeds and plant them instead in my front yard in a teepee trellis...

And tomorrow is the first farm share! Yay for greens and stuff. List will come tomorrow.

My family room is full of (3 disappointed and 2 friends) teenagers. Prom tickets were not available, so unfortunate that they were on sale for only 2 hours on one day, during school, at Dakota's OLD school, when he could not be there. SO the kids asked Brianna and Anthony to come over for a home made pizza party, complete with gluten-free, dairy-free pizza for Maya who is here from Chicago.

AND, I am employed from Aug 22 - November 16. PISA, Programme of International Student Assessment, see some very interesting questions. They remind me of either Math Team questions, or those found on the Math Olympiad. More details later, when I know them.

Winnie will be 6 months on Friday. Pictures will be up on LJ but not here, but not today.

We are the proud owners of a NEW white Ford Fiesta 5-speed stick shift car, with 16NJ81 plates. :-) Go me for having credit score high enough (but not where I would like it) to qualify with [personal profile] jsl for another car loan. Back up to 2 working cars, BRV is in shop having transmission rebuilt.
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Today should be the last day of cleaning by ATA Flood and Fire cleaners. Everything has been wiped off, put back, but not necessarily where it was picked up from, and I can't find anything. I need a new corkscrew, as the one form the dining room has gone AWOL for the moment. I can see my floors, and they are clean! as of yesterday afternoon. What remains of the WTW carpeting (front stairs and upstairs hall) has been steam cleaned yesterday (and is still damp), not that it makes much of a difference, as they are 26+ years old and show it. Talis's room has not been cleaned completely, for a variety of reasons. The basement has a lot less stuff in it; [Unknown site tag] has been doing a lovely job of rearranging and tossing out. Hot tub has been retired for the duration, as [personal profile] dhs needs to get the motor fixed, and the circuit must be rewired.

Two feet of hangers and seven large (24"x24"x24") boxes of bedding and clothes from my room arrived from the dry cleaners yesterday morning. We are expecting the balance, minimum of 23 boxes and 10-14 feet of hangers, late Wednesday afternoon. Oh, joy.

Talis had several camp friends stay for Splash weekend, and the last will be heading home today.

Thanksgiving will happen with extended family and friends. There will be paper napkins as the cloth ones are in the dry cleaning. I have a wonderful turkey from [personal profile] goddessfarmer, and organic butternut squash and pumpkin from Heirloom Harvest.

This morning, after cleaning more of my bedroom, and unpacking the rest of the bedding into the linen closet, I go for my annual mammogram. With all this going on, I managed to pay my credit card bills on time, and we all pitched in to get the front yard raked yesterday morning (and the leaf vacuum, of course, did not show up).

Still to come: rewiring three electrical circuits, estimate and then completing repairs of the burned posts and beams. Unpacking, sorting, and putting away the dry cleaning, putting curtains back up. Reorganizing pantry and cabinets. I am sure I am forgetting things.
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Worked 9 hours today. Plus mileage. Went Trader Joe's shopping on the way home. Worked late enough to miss DCU's hours. The password I think I have is not the one they think I have for ATM useage of my card. *sigh* I'll try again tomorrow to get there before they close.

Spencer is in Ohio, he arrived and was ensconced in a room at 4:29 Friday am. Interfilk Annual Meeting happened this afternoon.

I forgot my new, improved facebook password, and have had absolutely no luck getting it reset. I've tried everything they have suggested, except calling my internet provider, (because we have our own servers, and I've never had any problems before getting e-mails), so I am stuck at a dead end, not able to get onto my account, and no way to contact FB directly by e-mail.

David called just before midnight; he has a dead battery, in Natick. I reminded him of AAA.

Plans have been made for a trip to Columbia, MD in November.

My birthday party is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I should make a more detailed post, but not tonight.

Saturday (later today) at 1 pm, Talis auditions for a solo part for Flying High, this years North Cambridge Family Opera production. For once, it does not conflict with FilKontario.

Tandoori Flounder FTW! Jane Brody's Good Seafood Book has been wonderful for finding recipes for fish I have not had in years. Last week, it was Roasted Bluefish. Earlier this summer, it was mussels.

I let Talis drive on the farm roads last night while we were waiting for people to come pick up their fish shares. She did OK, my car is still in one piece, and yes, it is time for me to find her a drivers' ed program.

And, because I am not in Ohio, I can go to a funeral on Sunday and give support to one of my extended family members.
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This is actually a placeholder for somethings I want to note down, and hopefully be able to expand upon at some date hopefully sooner than later.

Have started planning for NEFFA, April 20-22, 2012 dance performances. If any one has an international dance group they think should be seen as part of the Dance Performances, please let me know, or send them to the NEFFA web site, where the application link will be up until 23:59 on November 1.

End of farm last week was bittersweet, as I have really enjoyed being the pick up coordinator on Thursdays. It gave me another angle of the CSA world, and I loved seeing the Thursday share holders every week for 4.5 months, seeing the kids grow, sharing recipes and what to do with the items in each weeks share, and discovering new friends. The farm assistants, Lauren and Bea; wonderful strong women I hope to keep in my life. Other workshares also.

Talis finally home from her summer jaunts around the US and the French West Indies. She's almost 16, and itching to drive. Drivers Ed now required in MA to even take a driving test... and expensive! Note: call the local high school to see if they get any price breaks.

Listing of patterns, books, etc from Russell's Mom's belongings.

Gifts from RJ: 1933 edition of Fannie Farmer (aka The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, by FM Farmer); 100th Anniversary publication by H.P.Hood & Sons in 1946 Foods That Made New England Famous, 100 Favorite Recipes from the Kitchens of Old New England; The Galloping Gourmet Television Cookbook, Vol. 1 and 2. by Graham Kerr; Hidden gardens of Beacon Hill published by the Beacon Hill Garden Club in 1972; and The Boston See Party; A Walking or Riding Tour of Boston, Freedom Trail, , MIT-Harvard, Concord, Lexington, Plymouth, I think by Allan Dow, CPCU, Vice President , Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, no year.

Westat project: Long Term Trends. Ongoing from Oct-May... very few hours overall for AA position. I am low person on the totem pole for the cushy positions with Westat. :-(

NORC project: National Survey of Early Care and Education, training early December, study starts Jan 9.

Arisia... SPeaker to hotel about food, Tech Mom, Voyagers Grand Sleepover

Boskone: Mentor Talis in DragonsLair programming

OVFF: Not going this year... :-(

Wegman's: got a thanks but no thanks letter for both customer service and kitchen work. Still no word from TJ's.

Lists of things to give away. Two glitter lamps, same idea as lava lamps. Is anyone having a clothing swap anytime soon?

And, the wife of a dear friend passed on last Saturday evening. Service and burial on Sunday. The benefit of not going to Ohio.

well, this got to be long...


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