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In no particular order, except that I took Winnie to the vet in the late afternoon.

Got up early (5 am), took Winnie out, came back in and went back to bed for several hours,
took Winnie to the vet to be weighed and get more Frontline,
called Broadreach,
cut IF and Badger auction forms,
folded many of Talis's clothes (this took a long time), in preparation for,
cleaning two guinea pig cages,
vacuumed half of Talis's floor,
moved boxes in corner room in preparation for yellow furniture currently in Big Red Van,
met with Ryan, the tree man. He will send an estimate today,
took Winnie to small puppy play date,
asked questions about why Winnie is getting diarrhea from new dog food (give him no more than a 1/4 cup to start, and increase very slowly, week by week),
drove to Arisia storage, moved pipe and drape for ConCertino,
drove home,
sent some ConCertino e-mails,
contemplated making dinner, but decided I was too tired,
went to bed.

Farm day today, then to airport, then home to deal with vegetables and pack for the weekend.

My sister spent yesterday with my Mum. She writes: She writes: Had a lovely day with my mom, showered her, cut hair & nails and gave her a leg massage..she was more clear today than in the past year..We sat outside in the sun and she said" how beautiful it is to feel the warmth of the sun and thank you for taking care of me"...
Again, I realize I need to be happy and appreciate all I have..
and grateful to have you all in my life..:)

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to California, but most days, I am glad I am here at the Big Blue House and close to my friends.
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I should have posted this last night, but after making dinner and finally getting around to eating it, I watched a movie with David, then went to bed. I did wash all dinner dishes and make sure the kitchen counter was clean and clear for breakfast in the morning.

√ took the dog out, made breakfast and took D to the train at 6:23, drove home and took a nap until a more reasonable hour,
√ Call Jet Blue about Talis's missing luggage, twice (am and pm, just to make sure it got to her),
√ empty flip tote from Balticon (had to wait for box of 16mm film (6 or 7 reels, very heavy) to be collected before I could reach flip tote), re-purposed flip tote to hold Talis art supplies,
√ clean upstairs main bathroom top to bottom,
√ call Marcia C for recommendation of person to trim/take down some trees in yard,
√ call Ryan Wood, said recommended tree person, left message, played phone tag, finally reached at 16:40, arranged for consult/estimate at 17:30 Wednesday,
√ called financial advisor for money for NBTSC, waiting to hear back,
√ winter boots into clear flip tote, took them to attic for storage,
√ spare pillows into bag and into attic for storage,
√ several walks in the afternoon with Winnie, after he spent the entire morning refusing to come downstairs (moping about missing Talis is my best guess),
√ printed out Interfilk paperwork for this weekends' IF auction (still need to cut),
√ designed and printed out paperwork for silent auction for some of Badger's books,
√ picked D up from the train station,
√ verified with neighbor which tree branches he had issues with hanging over his fence... [this man just does not get being green... he is more concerned with not having to deal with acorns making noise on his porch roof, pine needles in his pool, leaves; almost as bad (but in a different way) as the OCD lawn slave who used to live on the other side of us (but who finally sold his house 2? years ago). He also complained to S over Memorial Day weekend about the bees... I think that is dealt with sufficiently that he won;t go complain to the town],
√ ordered lobsters for this weekends Neptune's Catch,
√ made appointment with man from Explosion cleaners for Tuesday morning,
√ mowed front lawn before the rain came down,
√ got soaked by rain downpour while out on walk with Winnie, who met some friends down the street,
√ emptied dishwasher,
√ made dinner,
√ watched a movie from T's netflix cue (Spork, for the curious)
√ went to bed.

I am *thrilled* that the EPA seems to have won a major court victory. Thanks, [personal profile] filkertom for the news.

As of this morning, Talis's baggage seems to still be en route, as she will be at St. Bart's later today, and Imogene at the Broadreach office in Raleigh says I will be getting a call from one of the Caribbean program director's once he has gotten it into her hands. She said they outfitted her with a sleeping bag, towels, and a few extra t-shirts from their stash before her boat left St. Maarten on Monday. I am sure she will come thru this with aplomb, if not also some aggravation. I haven't heard from her since Monday, as they took her SIM Tuesday morning.

And now, off to yet another day of productivity. First priority is getting ready for house guests and ConCertino, next is getting to the larger projects that had been put off and put off because of work.


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