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Please keep Winnie in your thoughts today, Last night he ate two 12-oz bags of baker's chocolate and spent the night at Tufts Vet School ER (to the tune of $600-$800; thank fortune I have pet insurance that will hopefully cover some of that). Chocolate is fatal for dogs, and baker's chocolate (very dark) is the worst for caffeine and other stuff.

They just called and he is doing fine, although his heart rate is still high. They want to keep observing him til late afternoon then he *should* be able to go home.

Of course this would happen when I am out of town,

and when I am unemployed,

and when the regular vet is closed.

Of course.
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A lovely maroon Bonneville passed me on Fortune Boulevard this evening as I was on my way to a case in Millis.. driven by an old man, with his equally older passenger. Both wearing baseball caps.

Then there were cows in Medway. I love seeing cows out to pasture.

I have had a very long day of NSECE, quite productive. 12 hours of work...I love getting paid for talking to people. :-)

Balticon was a mix of ups and downs, ups included hearing after the fact (from a fan I whose name I knew but hd never met in person) that I had been called up on stage during Opening Ceremonies for recognition of my Filk hall of Fame award. [personal profile] gorgeousgary, one of my cohorts in Filk hall of Famedom, Filk Div Head, scheduled lots of beautiful music involving the Filk GoH's, Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps and John (last name forgotten ATM), and SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney. Downside was the car breaking down Saturday am in the Wegmans parking lot before breakfast, and the migraine from the frigid temps in the hotel. No one told me I should have packed my flannel-lined jeans, wool socks and turtlenecks. I lost 6.5 hours Saturday. Fortunately I have good friends who picked up my car from the garage before the garage closed for the day at 2 pm. Up was also the great cheers from behind the curtain when MC Marty Gear announced me as Tech Mom, during the behind the scenes tech staff listing. Sunday was a very successful tech party, Monday was strike, and drive home. AC pooping out after an hour on the road was not something we enjoyed, but by the time we got to NYC at about 5:30, temps had cooled off enough that it was bearable.

I have some pea seeds, but it is too late to start them now as they have a 63 day germination period. :-( But, I can start them in August for fall peas. Yay. I will get some green bean seeds and plant them instead in my front yard in a teepee trellis...

And tomorrow is the first farm share! Yay for greens and stuff. List will come tomorrow.

My family room is full of (3 disappointed and 2 friends) teenagers. Prom tickets were not available, so unfortunate that they were on sale for only 2 hours on one day, during school, at Dakota's OLD school, when he could not be there. SO the kids asked Brianna and Anthony to come over for a home made pizza party, complete with gluten-free, dairy-free pizza for Maya who is here from Chicago.

AND, I am employed from Aug 22 - November 16. PISA, Programme of International Student Assessment, see some very interesting questions. They remind me of either Math Team questions, or those found on the Math Olympiad. More details later, when I know them.

Winnie will be 6 months on Friday. Pictures will be up on LJ but not here, but not today.

We are the proud owners of a NEW white Ford Fiesta 5-speed stick shift car, with 16NJ81 plates. :-) Go me for having credit score high enough (but not where I would like it) to qualify with [personal profile] jsl for another car loan. Back up to 2 working cars, BRV is in shop having transmission rebuilt.


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