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Growing Vegetables, The Big Yield/Small Space Way, Duane Newcomb
Starting From Scratch, a Guide to Indoor Gardening, John Whitman
Rodale's Naturally Great Foods, Nancy Albright
McCall's Cookbook, Random House Book
McCall's Illustrated Dinner Party Cookbook
The Intelligent Person's Guide to Calories & Sodium
The Butterick Cook Book, edited by Helena Judson
Chinese Regional Cooking, Kenneth Lo
The Pleasures of Chinese Cooking, Grace Zia Chu
Quick & Easy Chinese Cooking, Constance D. Chang

Essentials of Upholstery, Herbert Bast
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Next box had a mix of food and crafts.

Additional Books:
Knitting, Diana Biggs
Crochet and Knitting
How to Make Braided Rugs, Sally Clark Carty
Easy Going Sewing
The Great Afghan Book
The Big Book of Afghans
The Second Big Book of Afghans
Hard Crochet, Mark Dittrick
The Big Book of Small Needlework Gifts, Annette Feldman
Treasures from Throwaways, Better Homes & Gardens
Staple It, Easy Do-It Decorating Guide, Iris Ihde Frey
Storage Projects You Can Build, Better Homes & Gardens
Sewing Children's Clothing Made Easy, Vera Larter

The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook
American Wholefoods Cuisine, Nikki & David Goldbeck
Harrod's Cookery Book
Farmer's Almanac Cookbook
Cake Decorating Simplified
The Gingerbread Book, Allen Bragdon
Cooking With Whole Grains, Better Homes & Gardens
The Dieter's Cookbook, Better Homes & Gardens
Homemade Bread Cook Book, Better Homes & Gardens
Herbally Yours, Penny C. Royal
Natural Food Cookbook, Dr. Harry C. Bond
The Fresh Foods Country Cookbook, Editors & Staff of The Mother Earth News
Life & Health National Health Journal: Vegetarianism
Natural Food Cookbook, Kitchen Fare


Nov. 23rd, 2012 08:36 pm
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I know I sorted thru a bunch of boxes, and thought I'd gotten rid of them, SOMETIME LAST YEAR! But, they have surfaced again, hiding in plain sight in the family room.

So, I need some opinions.

1. Do I recycle, freecycle, or Savers a whole bunch of crafting/knitting/crocheting magazines and pattern booklets? Pick one.

2. I have some books, I could post a list here, and if people wanted, they could have. Better to be local, but we could arrange fannish express to parts outside the Boston area.

I think I'll sit in front of a movie, and sort, and check back here. I swear, sometimes I feel like the only grown up around here... And tomorrow is my birthday party.
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I should have posted this last night, but after making dinner and finally getting around to eating it, I watched a movie with David, then went to bed. I did wash all dinner dishes and make sure the kitchen counter was clean and clear for breakfast in the morning.

√ took the dog out, made breakfast and took D to the train at 6:23, drove home and took a nap until a more reasonable hour,
√ Call Jet Blue about Talis's missing luggage, twice (am and pm, just to make sure it got to her),
√ empty flip tote from Balticon (had to wait for box of 16mm film (6 or 7 reels, very heavy) to be collected before I could reach flip tote), re-purposed flip tote to hold Talis art supplies,
√ clean upstairs main bathroom top to bottom,
√ call Marcia C for recommendation of person to trim/take down some trees in yard,
√ call Ryan Wood, said recommended tree person, left message, played phone tag, finally reached at 16:40, arranged for consult/estimate at 17:30 Wednesday,
√ called financial advisor for money for NBTSC, waiting to hear back,
√ winter boots into clear flip tote, took them to attic for storage,
√ spare pillows into bag and into attic for storage,
√ several walks in the afternoon with Winnie, after he spent the entire morning refusing to come downstairs (moping about missing Talis is my best guess),
√ printed out Interfilk paperwork for this weekends' IF auction (still need to cut),
√ designed and printed out paperwork for silent auction for some of Badger's books,
√ picked D up from the train station,
√ verified with neighbor which tree branches he had issues with hanging over his fence... [this man just does not get being green... he is more concerned with not having to deal with acorns making noise on his porch roof, pine needles in his pool, leaves; almost as bad (but in a different way) as the OCD lawn slave who used to live on the other side of us (but who finally sold his house 2? years ago). He also complained to S over Memorial Day weekend about the bees... I think that is dealt with sufficiently that he won;t go complain to the town],
√ ordered lobsters for this weekends Neptune's Catch,
√ made appointment with man from Explosion cleaners for Tuesday morning,
√ mowed front lawn before the rain came down,
√ got soaked by rain downpour while out on walk with Winnie, who met some friends down the street,
√ emptied dishwasher,
√ made dinner,
√ watched a movie from T's netflix cue (Spork, for the curious)
√ went to bed.

I am *thrilled* that the EPA seems to have won a major court victory. Thanks, [personal profile] filkertom for the news.

As of this morning, Talis's baggage seems to still be en route, as she will be at St. Bart's later today, and Imogene at the Broadreach office in Raleigh says I will be getting a call from one of the Caribbean program director's once he has gotten it into her hands. She said they outfitted her with a sleeping bag, towels, and a few extra t-shirts from their stash before her boat left St. Maarten on Monday. I am sure she will come thru this with aplomb, if not also some aggravation. I haven't heard from her since Monday, as they took her SIM Tuesday morning.

And now, off to yet another day of productivity. First priority is getting ready for house guests and ConCertino, next is getting to the larger projects that had been put off and put off because of work.
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With only the dog to take care of during the day, my plans for the coming month involve lots of decrufting.

My list includes:
taking the dog to the vet to have nail clipped,
taking wire hangars to the dry cleaners for recycling,
reorganizing the corner room so the furniture in the van can fit in,
moving the couch in the front hall into the corner room,
putting winter boots up in the attic,
finding and putting all winter gloves and scarves up in the attic,
finding more of the floor in my bedroom,
finding my desk in that room over the garage that used to be my office

That said, anyone interested in some plastic hangars and/or some large (18" or 20" square) moving boxes?
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Anyone interested in some Rockband gear? We've not had interest in it (other than parties) and have decided that we don't have the room to store it (drum kit, guitar, mic). We do not have the disc; someone scratched it.
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Friday, January 13, 3 pm, there will be a memorial service for [profile] badgerthorazine at the chapel at MIT followed by a reception in room 491 at the Student Center. There will be a shuttle bus from the Arisia hotel (Westin Waterfront, Boston) running from 2-6 pm.

For clarification; the MIT chapel is the round brick building with a bit of stained glass, across the green from Kresge Auditorium, and also across the concrete walkway from the Student Center. The Student Center is across Mass Ave from the main entrance at 77 Mass Ave. The chapel is building W15 on the MIT Campus Map.

I have unearthed several gems from Talis's childhood: Tiki Bar Pool, suitable for Barbie's or other dolls of that size. I think it was a Bratz item... Also, Bratz Rock Stage, suitable for any doll that general size...

Please let me know if you have small children who would be interested in either or both of these. Preference to local, unless you can arrange fannish/mongol transport. Tiki Pool fits into a large box.

Book: Kid's Rooms, Ideas and Projects for Children's Spaces, by Jennifer Levy.

Trendmasters Cyber Pet Chameleon (minus the magnetic fly). I believe this would work just fine with new batteries for the body (4 AA's) and the remote (3 L1154's)... and you could find a small magnet for the fly. Could not find an link anywhere, but the copyright date on the bottom is 2000.

Any takers?
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I helped a friend move a bunch of stuff into boxes and then boxes into storage. Fortunately, Tetris is one of my skill set.

On coming home after dinner with a friend, and fetching a David from class, we found a huge mound of still slightly damp cardboard and the brown couch on the street in anticipation of trash day tomorrow. Yay! :-)

This morning I heard kids outside very early; first day of school here in Milford.

And, an e-mail from NBTSC VT. Because Vermont is reeling from the floods from the storm on Sunday, Farm & Wilderness is talking to the national guard and Plymouth town officials to see when they expect roads, power and telephone services to be restored. They are not sure that they will be able to host NBTSC this year. :-( Talis will be very sad. As will we, as while she really enjoys it, we enjoy the 3 week vacation.


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