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Milford, MA
Boston, MA
Columbia, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Hunt Valley, MD
New Lebanon, NY
Baltimore, MD
Paterson, NJ
Columbus, OH
Longmont, CO
Some town on Rt 80 just east of the Iowa state line in Nebraska
Gaithersburg, MD

I did a fair amount of traveling last year.
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I need to fly to Denver, CO, visit a day or so with my Dad and step-mum, then drive our little white car East. My primary issue right now is funding, time is secondary, as this is necessary, but I will still miss a bunch of work time. No work = no pay as I am paid by the hour.

I am currently thinking of flying mid-week, November 19 or 20, as they are the cheapest flight days (my current favorite airline is Southwest) at $135 one-way, plus I would need gas money and possible hotel if I cannot find people to stay with.

Driving home is at minimum, a three day drive. Talis drove out with overnights at a truck stop in eastern Ohio, and a friends house in Kansas City, MO, before arriving at Jamestown, CO. I am hoping to make it without staying overnight in the car.

My question to you, dear DW and LJ friends, is, would people be willing to donate to my travel cause? If so, my paypal e-mail is persis at thorndike dot name. If not, I will tighten my belts. Please let me know if this is something you would consider?

Edited last night to include my paypal e-dress... *sigh* I hate being in this position.
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I have taken the plunge and bought plane tickets, so I am going to be at OVFF unless something drastic happens.

Depart Boston at 7:30 am, on Southwest, change at Chicago Midway, arrive Columbus 12:40 pm on Friday, Oct 25. Leave Columbus 6:35 pm Sunday, Oct 27, change planes Atlanta, arrive Boston 11:37 pm. Anyone needs more flight info, let me know.

As far as I know, wee Talis will probably be working that weekend, and has said she cannot decide now (she just called me from my Dad's in Jamestown, CO, and won;t be home til late on the 15th). I guess I will have to bring pictures.

Boy is it good to be writing here again.
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I am heading out to LA on Saturday morning, for 4 days of job training starting Sunday morning at 8:30. I'd like to go see Vixy & Tony at this event in Santa Monica. Google maps says it is only about 20 minutes away from the JW Marriott at the LA Live Center. Anyone want to come with me? or come pick me up (so I don't have to take a cab)?

I'll be busy during the days til 5:30, but would be happy to see my West Coast friends in the evenings.

BTW, thanks for all the suggestions about gluten-free. We are looking forward to getting some of the cook books, and to further reading of blogs.
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I am ensconced in Columbia, MD until my rescheduled flight home tomorrow afternoon (first available when I was rebooking). The school closings lists for MA are unhelpful as the schools I am supposed to be assessing this week for PISA were not on the list this am when I checked, and now the lists have been reset and nothing is on them. However, when I called tomorrow's school, I got recorded sorrow, and left a message. I will keep checking my work e-mail... and call in the early am.

Flight last night from Columbus to Baltimore was delayed and delayed, because some political VIP was landing and all other flights had to circle and circle. My plane had to divert to Detroit to refuel, then come back to Columbus. It finally arrived about 9:30, and took off shortly after 10, arriving at BWI around 11:40 with a very bumpy landing.

OVFF was lots of fun, Interfilk Guests were the Blibbering Humdingers, a Wizard Rock duo who were loads of fun, both in concert and in filk circles. Auction went well, although my hot sauces and honey did not go for as much as I had hoped... but they were well received. It's hard when there are so many items for auction. Caught up with a lot of folks, but still missed spending time with some others. Talis was missed by many, and everyone could not believe how grown up she looked in her Not Back to School picture.

I am waiting for clothes to dry. I brought one carry-on bag; full of two computers, one printer, my work manual, some CD's and a bra (I was thinking ahead to this week as I was supposed to travel to Pittsfield today, and need that piece of undergarments).

On-line weather reports are very unhelpful, as they mostly contain wind and flood warnings. This am we heard than lots of vans were overturning on the roads down here. Spencer is driving home thru this, but has said that if the roads are flooded or otherwise closed, he will stop. Talis, Dakota, and Winnie are safely ensconced in the barn in Manchester-by-the-Sea, and David is at home. We will all weather this out, hopefully with less damage than feared. I am sure we will turn on the TV at some point to see what progress has been made. In the mean time, I have books to read, food to prep and eat, good company... and eventually I will get home.
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I have booked my flight home from OVFF, thanks to a voucher from when I was bumped coming home from a training trip. So, I will be at OVFF.

More later!
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I called Jet Blue this morning; they say they found to bag, in San Juan, at 4:50 yesterday afternoon. It will be on today's flight to St. Maarten, and they will contact Broadreach, who will fetch it and get it to Talis hopefully this afternoon. She will be on Tintamarre and then Ille Forche, which are both really close to St. Maarten.

I will feel completely happy when I hear from Broadreach that they actually *have* the bag this afternoon.

Now, on to conquer my to-do list. *Crosses off Call Jet Blue from the list* :-)
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So, I tried, just for grins, changing the e-dress used for FB to my lovesong dot com e-dress, and what do you know? I got an e-mail *immediately* and now have to wait 23 hours and 59 minutes before I can put my new password to the test. Maybe FB just can't cope with dot name e-dresses. Grump.

I wrote a post several days ago about my upcoming work trip to Chicago, and noticed that is did not cross-post to LJ. So, here goes again.

I am heading to Chicago next Monday, March 12, for a Tues-Fri week of job training for another NORC project. They seem to like my ability to get people to talk to me, so I will be working 3 projects for the first weeks of April, then after Long Term Trends of NAEP ends, it will be back to just the two NORC projects, which will keep me employed until sometime in August. Then all I need to do is find something between August and December, when it is time again for the usual NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress).

I will be at the Marriott Oak Brook Hills Resort in Oak Brook, Illinois, will not have a car, and should be available evenings. I would love to see any Chicago area friends who have the time to come to me, as I will not have a car.

Other than this, I have been extremely busy, running Front of the House for Sudbury Savoyards, running NEFFA dance performances (which I will have to catch up on this week), picking up Guest Liaison tasks for ConCertino, as well as Bee Classes (Tuesdays with Talis)... and being in one of the sub-choruses for Flying High, this years North Cambridge Family Opera production.

The entire household is involved. I have the smallest part, as I am chorus (but I get to spend lots of time with [profile] moira923 as she is also in my cast and chorus); Talis and Spencer have leads (Talis is also doing make-up for both casts, Spencer is in charge of body mics for the opposite cast), and David is designing the lights. I will be helping out in the Lobby with concessions and other sales for the shows I am not performing in, and may be contributing costuming construction experience, so I guess I don't have that small a part in the whole production.

Performance dates are March 24, 25, 31 and April 1. The Big Blue House residents can be seen March 24, 3 pm, and March 25, 1 pm and March 31, 7 pm, and April 1, 5 pm. Admission is by suggested donation of $5/child $10/adult, but if you want guaranteed seating, you should order tickets, either form me, or thru the web site at the link above. We are having a blast with this, and you should all come see us! :-)
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I have another job training in Chicago coming up (at the Chicago Oak Brook Hills Marriot Resort in Oak Brook); I have been hired for another NORC project. They seem to like the way I get things done. So, I arrive Monday afternoon, have some bit of registering to do, and I think will have that evening free, as well as (I think) Tues, Wed and Thursday evenings.

Any of my Chicago-area friends available that week?


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