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With all the stress of the flash floods in Boulder County, CO, AND a week of 4 interviews for SCF, listing these books has fallen behind on the great big list-of-all-the-things-to-do.

However, my Dad and step-mom Deborah are safe in Boulder with friends (for the time being; Dad is confused, they are both stressed and very sad about losing their four out-buildings and possibly their house); Talis and Serena are home; they arrived at Logan last night, and are now off to Savers (2nd-hand clothing store) to get new things to replace those that are in the car left in the Jamestown Elementary School parking lot. The roads to Jamestown are closed, rock slides and water, great forces of nature, have made the one road in and out of town impassable. Who knows when they will be able to get the car out. I have friends who live out there who have offered to perhaps get the car, or even maybe drive it East, eventually. It will be at least a month I think before anything can be done. None of the residents of Jamestown had flood insurance, and the insurance companies are being cold-hearted. There is some state aid (maybe federal as well), but I don't think it will be nearly enough to rebuild what they had.

Deborah was interviewed here (the older gentleman in the orange beret is my nearly-88-year-old Dad), and there was a picture of Talis and Serena coming off the army helicopter. One of their NBTSC friends Mom's knows one of their flight crew, so we can send them a thank you note. Somewhere there is a video of T and S when they came off the helicopter; they were on the first evacuation flight out of Jamestown. Deborah sounds just exhausted and sad, but their community support was awesome, and I hope they can rebuild that.

Here's the list of cookbooks so far. It's long, slightly over 100. Please let me know if you are interested in any.
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