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My friend Nancy has a kickstarter for a second hand bookstore she is buying, in Vermont. There are too few used bookstores left in this world, so please check it out and give her a hand.

Eastleigh Farm bought five months of time. I have not been able to talk to anyone there about fundraising and marketing, although I think it is extremely important. Talis and Georgette both write passionately about the land and the cows, so maybe there's something there.

There's not a lot I need for birthday things; rocks for my stone wall, a few things on my Amazon wish list (Tokaido board game, Castle Season 5) gas money for Colorado trip...

BUT, if anyone wishes to make donations to Eastleigh Farm in my name (or not in my name), there is a paypal button here. That would make me very happy.

My birthday is today, but my party will be Saturday, November 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Note the date, more details coming soon.

I do love my friends. You are all important to me, and make my life fulfilled. My fb page is filled with birthday wishes from around the world, and makes me very happy. :-) *hugs* to you all, in person the next time we meet.

I am planning on getting out to a party tonight, and to Geek Central tomorrow, in and amongst work on SCF...


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