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In no particular order, except that I took Winnie to the vet in the late afternoon.

Got up early (5 am), took Winnie out, came back in and went back to bed for several hours,
took Winnie to the vet to be weighed and get more Frontline,
called Broadreach,
cut IF and Badger auction forms,
folded many of Talis's clothes (this took a long time), in preparation for,
cleaning two guinea pig cages,
vacuumed half of Talis's floor,
moved boxes in corner room in preparation for yellow furniture currently in Big Red Van,
met with Ryan, the tree man. He will send an estimate today,
took Winnie to small puppy play date,
asked questions about why Winnie is getting diarrhea from new dog food (give him no more than a 1/4 cup to start, and increase very slowly, week by week),
drove to Arisia storage, moved pipe and drape for ConCertino,
drove home,
sent some ConCertino e-mails,
contemplated making dinner, but decided I was too tired,
went to bed.

Farm day today, then to airport, then home to deal with vegetables and pack for the weekend.

My sister spent yesterday with my Mum. She writes: She writes: Had a lovely day with my mom, showered her, cut hair & nails and gave her a leg massage..she was more clear today than in the past year..We sat outside in the sun and she said" how beautiful it is to feel the warmth of the sun and thank you for taking care of me"...
Again, I realize I need to be happy and appreciate all I have..
and grateful to have you all in my life..:)

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to California, but most days, I am glad I am here at the Big Blue House and close to my friends.


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