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I ended the day yesterday with an absolutely *wonderful* waltz with someone young enough to be my child, to the music of Perpetual Emotion (a dance band from the fabulous State of Maine). I actually danced contra (!) at NEFFA, for the entire last Contra Party session. My only complaint about the dances was that they were *very* long, and had very few opposite swings. :-( I had very nice partners, and then again, there was that very lovely waltz at the end. :-)

Dance Performances on the Auditorium stage went well, although the two sessions yesterday were about half as long as they have been in the past, and there was a scheduling kerfuffle with one group that needs a fifteen minute costume change in between dances. I have a Co-Chair (who does not communicate well and has been described as a steamroller), and I am a bit unsettled about that. My tact-meter was OFF on both Friday and Saturday, and there are conversations I need to have with several people, but they will happen after the festival is over, but soon.

I bought some wooden spoons from a vendor in the Craft Hall, talked to several people about Arisia Tech (I may have myself a Video Area Head and several other general tech people), and put aside a pile of clothes from my favorite clothing vendor, Eagle Ray Traders, who design and make my flowey batik dresses.

So, today, the last performance block, and hopefully some more lovely dances. The music has certainly been good, and the dancing has done worlds of good for my sanity and well being. Shoulders aside (I wrenched the right one when I was out in LA), dancing is good.


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