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So, I did some pretty nifty things this week, after working my first Lunacon in about 17 years...

+ My traveling companion was [personal profile] nchanter; we had a great drive down on Thursday, stopping in Stamford, CT so I could hook up an ethernet cable for my BIL M's computer because his wireless was flakey. We spent some time going to the local Target for a bathing suit for the hot tub (yay for nice hot hot tubs), then spent the weekend building and then running the events/panels scheduled in Westchester B. I was asst stage manager to N's stage manager, and we, with the rest of the tech crew, pulled off a 12-person Masquerade (despite the recent taking-over as Masq Director by A, who did a fabulous job, and will do it again next year).. I do love working with techs/geeks; :-) such a great group of people. I must have done something right at Arisia, because BM, and his wife (ES-M), who are local to Rye Brook, think I am wonderful and awesome. Strike on Sunday started at 1, and we were done and packed up shortly before 4. N and I rolled out of the hotel about 5, after hugs and good-byes, and decided we needed food in order to make the drive home. We were pretty fried after a long weekend of tech, and decided on the Chinese restaurant around the corner from the hotel. Food was wonderful; we each had a salad (there was a dearth of greens and vegetables in the staff den, although Marlow did a wonderful job of mostly making food happen when we needed it), and split 3 appetizers. The drive home was quick, my lead foot got us home in 2 hours 40 minutes.

-/+ Lunacon was rife with incompetence and non-functionality. The tech crew never got badges; the running joke was pocket program, grid, souvenir book, badge; pick 3... I did, however, pick up my staff t-shirt, and got to see some more friends from Boston who were working in the Office.

+ Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Thursday morning was new project training in Worcester this week for a project that assesses 4-year-olds. I start going into pre-schools on the 31st.

+ I had a nice date night with [personal profile] dhs on Monday night; dinner by moi, then watched two episodes of Fast Forward and finished the second DVD. Not having to get up super early was a nice bonus.

- It is taking me some time to get used to not having him around all the time. I am not sure I like this, but I will have to deal.

+/- I finished up the Worker's Comp-approved 3 chiropractic visits/week for 3 weeks, and the DR determined while I have made improvements in my shoulders and spine, I still need more. So he applied for 4 weeks of 2 visits/week... we shall see what come of this. My next appointment is Monday afternoon, before I head to Chicago on Tuesday for the rest of the week; GSS (General Social Survey) training.

++ I am also in the midst of PT for lower back, neck, and shoulders. Somehow, I managed to wrench my right shoulder over the Lunacon weekend, and as a result, have isometric exercises ONLY for them, for now. With any luck, by the time I get home from Chicago and back to PT (afternoon of the 31st), the shoulders will be better and we can start on stretching and strengthening. My core strength is getting better, and I have a battery of stretches and such to draw on a daily basis, for core, lower back and neck. I see my physical therapist also on Monday. The electro stimulation (it has a name, but the name is not coming to me) on my right shoulder and neck, combined with heat gave me more flexibility than I have had in YEARS, with NO pain. SO things there seem to be working well also. I have hopes for my lower back.

+ (I think) Wednesday, I had scheduled a site visit by Vivint Solar, which has some mixed reviews online, but have no reviews on Angie's List. The 2 technicians arrived promptly, were polite, pleasant, and seemed to know what they were doing, as they did a survey of the basement (electric panels and internet connection), attic (rafters, second electric box up there), and roof. A plan will be made, and hopefully I will have solar working by the summer. ANYONE, if you have comments about this company, please let me know ASAP.

+ Wednesday night, I had tickets to see Knights of Badassdom with D. at Kendal Sq Theater, courtesy of [personal profile] thespian's organizational skills. What fun to see a movie with 183 other geeks! I think any 3 of us combined would have known everyone. Plot was a bit thin, it had more horror than I expected, but overall was quite enjoyable. I walked in early, having missed the drink opportunity at CBC because of timing issues, and saw my friend M who Spencer had introduced to me, and whom I had not seen in about 8-10 years. She larps (and no longer filks); I don't, and our circles rarely overlap. It was wonderful to see her again. (I went to a similar showing last year for Iron Sky, down in Gaithersburg, with friends I know from Balticon, although that one was not as well attended; they did not have T organizing it.) I would cheerfully go to a another similar movie showing, just for the pure pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of friends seeing a cool movie.

Original plan was to go to Meadhall for food and drinks, but when we got there, it was packed and the kitchen was closing in 5 minutes, so D, [profile] oneagain, and I went to The Friendly Toast. My first time there, and I was impressed; by the decor, the menu, the locally-sourced ingredients... will definitely go back. Very nice to catch up with [profile] oneagain.

- Thursday morning, traffic (in the rain) was a *nightmare* getting out of the city, and out to Worcester took me close to 2 hours. NOT good.

+++ Thursday after training, I went to PT, had the amazing electro-whatzy and heat (got me feeling so much better!), and came home to find T and the BF home, and took them and Winnie into Cambridge to the Farm Share Fair at Cambridge College on Mass Ave, between H2 and Central. That experience needs a whole 'nother entry, as it was just fabulous, but I will start to tell you about it here. We lucked out with a parking spot on MA Ave, not exactly across the street, but close enough. Of course, as soon as I walked in, I saw someone I have not seen in years; we used to dance together at the VFW Hall in West Cambridge; and she was not the only familiar face I saw (hi, [personal profile] calliope !).

Farm Share Fair was a collection of CSA's, Fish Shares (no, CAFC was NOT there (shame on them), but the other two that deliver to Camberville/Boston were there), local food producers, Harvest Coop Market, and the sponsors (lead sponsors: Henrietta's Table, Farmer Dave's, Boston Organics, Silverbrook Farm, and supporting sponsors: Cambridge Savings Bank, Follow the Honey (Talis was offered a job there again if she wants it), Edible Boston, Cape Cod Fish Share, Red Fire Farm, Farm School, Highland Kitchen). I talked to a lot of people, took brochures, and sampled chocolates, (yes, there is a chocolate share) and caramels and brittle from a man who makes them in his certified home kitchen in Somerville, chatted up the folks from Tags Hardware (and sent them the link for reCaps (, thanks, [personal profile] peacefrog), and all around had a wonderful time. Shared Harvest CSA, my late fall and deep winter CSA was also there, which is how I found out about this in the first place. Winnie made a hit with everyone who saw him.

ZipCar (now in most major cities, so getting wheels without having to go thru a rental car is now possible), and Tags Hardware were there, as well as the Farm School (located in Orange, MA), and AlFreshCo Meals, with the tag line, "local meals with training wheels".

More on all this later, as it is AFTER midnight, and the plan is to get to Topsfield Fairgrounds in the morning by 8:30 for the Mass Beekeepers Annual Meeting.

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I can't comment on the solar side, but we've had Vivint running our security system for several years, and they've been nice to work with. I've debated about the solar options, but our setup would be rather difficult. Our house faces south, but neighborhood covenants say nothing visible on the street side (hence the satellite dish is on the back/north side of the house - which made the wiring... Interesting)


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