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Wishing all my wonderful family and friends a Happy New Year, and all the joy you can muster in the coming months. I appreciate you all, so very much. :-) I started out with some social, very good times; out seeing people, giving and receiving hugs; a great way to start the year.

I think this is in order... but I have been around a bit this past year.

Milford, MA
Boston, MA (twice)
Medford, MA
Rye, NY
Oak Brook, IL
Peterborough, NH
Hunt Valley, MD
Dennis Port, MA
New Lebanon, NY
Wilmington, MA
Merrimack, NH
Columbia, MD
Laurel, MD
Newton, MA
Los Angeles, CA

I also did a bunch of decrufting and organizing this year while I was unemployed this summer, some of mine, but more for friends. I will be mostly unemployed again come March, so I will be looking for more of this sort of work. I seem to have a knack for it.
basements; 3
garages; 4
rest of the house; 4
yard/estate sales; 2
memorial services; 1

On other notes, I am glad to start a new year; 2014 was just not the best of years for me and Spencer. It ended with our nephew's fiancé having an unfortunate accident; falling off the North End Bridge in Palm Beach, about 30 feet down, onto rocks, and fracturing her C5 and C6. She had surgery today, I hear that it was successful, but I am afraid she has a long road of recovery ahead.
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