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Not necessarily in chronological order

- I was rear-ended on Saturday, February 8, while working, invoking Worker's Compensation...
+ we had a very successful run of the Sudbury Savoyards Pirates of Penzance ,
+ worker's comp came thru with approval for chiropractic work
+ at the same time, I started PT for my already severely arthritic neck and lower back (the toll of playing sports for many years, including goalie for the Women's Ice Hockey Team at Bowdoin),
+ I have been offered and accepted, the position of Technical Services Director for Arisia '15,
- I have not gotten to Tech Squares for about a month (partly due to work, partly due to back & neck, partly migraines)
+ I have danced multiple times this year, having gotten to both the February and March First Friday Experienced Dance in Concord (and the Thursday dance before the Feb 1st Friday, and I think at least one more...) Yay for dancing!,
- news of Bob McQuillen in hospital with stroke,
- then hearing of Bob's passing on,
+ huge outpouring of memories of Bob, on Remembering MAC fb page,
+ catching up with AT, granddaughter of woman I am named after, who currently lives and works in Norway, as she also knew Mac when she was younger,
- I ended my SCF project a week early due to rear-ending and not being able to focus on work as back/neck pain before treatment was really awful,
+ I may get some pain & suffering compensation from this (time will tell),
+ I have not one, but TWO projects starting the end of March, for NORC, I will be a field interviewer for the General Social Survey (I did this one two years ago, it is nights and weekends), and I will be a Data Collector for a U Mass Medical Center grant-funded project, evaluating pre-schoolers (mornings, 8-11:30 or so). Down side is that both of these have a 6-8 week run; the GSS gets re-sampled after the initial data collection period, and I may or may not be selected to continue once the re-sampling is done. Yes, these two work well together.,
- a very longtime friend was found guilty of a crime and is in Framingham Women's Correctional Institute for 1 year. I have agreed to go help pack up her apartment. *sigh* She has a hoarding problem.
+ I get to go out to Chicago for job training March 25-28 (maybe get to see some friends?),
+ I will be doing make-up for Rain Dance, the current North Cambridge Family Opera production. I will be working under the direction of Elizabeth Stone. Talis will be working on the make-up crew as well, and Spencer will be Quartermaster again,
+ I got to the Worcester County Bee Association meeting today, with Winnie. Topics were a variety of talks about Honey Bee Viruses & Viral Diseases of the Honey Bee, Chalkbrood & its Effect on Honey Bee Colonies, Nosema Ceranae (Asian): A New Threat to the European Honey Bee, and Temperature Stress in the Hive Through the Seasons. Very interesting.
+ renewed WCBA membership (runs out in August),
+ put MA Bee Association Annual Meeting at Topsfield Fairgrounds, March 22, rearranged calendar in order to free up that day,

I think I have more pluses than minuses... and I am sure there are things missing...
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