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So, I am really not enthused that this is what it takes for me to make a post here. I have lots of things to say about my projects, post crossing, month of letters... conventions, you know, the stuff I do to keep busy. ;-)

Talisu and Eric arrived at Eastleigh about 6:30 this morning to find that the cow barn roof has collapsed. Two cows died, some others are injured (4), mostly dehydrated and hypothermic, four more walked out on their own, but are being watched because of the stress. Milking started at about noon. I helped by shoveling s*#t, bringing cows in and out, and feeding them.

Donations are welcome: monetary (there is a paypal button on the web page), but also bleach, ALL Free & Clear laundry detergent (no dyes or frangrances), towels, and blankets.

We ended the day with more snow. Fortunately I don't think there was much accumulation.

Here are some of the news links;, with a quote from Talis.
Channel 5 WCVB,
Channel 7 WHDH
and Channel 4 WBZ.

The Herald and Fox had incorrect information that is just painful to read. The Herald did have some quotes from the owner, but the number of cows dead and what they were doing was incorrect. They were only getting ready for their morning milking, and the reason there were not more cows in that barn was because they are wicked smart, and were already up in the yard outside the milking parlor... I was having some issues with getting the videos tonight; hopefully they will be fixed. I think the transcipts are available, but the pictures are really what fills in the story.

Talis was complimented by a number of people; From someone who knows someone I went to high school with; "Yes! Talis was awesome! She was all over helping get the cows out, giving them meds, totally kept her cool through the whole debacle. A very awesome young lady!" and I was told by the woman who runs the Framingham Animal Control that Talis was pretty wonderful and fabulous and level-headed.

At the time of the quote in the Boston.Com article, T was exhausted, but that was only the middle of her day. She moved the bull out of the cow yard into the next yard (I helped her clear the gate of snow so it could be opened) and she and Cindy milked 60 cows, starting about noon, and cleaned up, and got out of there around 4 pm. Farm management did not cope well with the disaster (the owner was out of state) and she reamed out Talis for various things, too out of control to even listen, then T blew up at her. If I had had my wits about me, I might have told them they should get a grip. As it was, I had left (I thought) to go get the car, but the front door had never been opened, so I was stuck in the outer foyer and heard all the whole yelling. I am not impressed with management at Eastleigh, but I love the cows, and the people other than management.

I have a bunch of pictures over on my face book page... Eventually I will get them over here, but for the meantime, go look there.

It has been a very exhausting day.

And to top everything off, Sudbury Savoyards Pirates of Penzance opens Friday.It should be great! Everyone should go see it, really. David did the lighting design, I am running Front of House.
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