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2017-04-18 11:39 am

My goodness, I haven't posted in a while...

Happy Spring, all my friends, old and new.

Welcome to Dreamwidth, those of you who are just migrating from LJ. NEFFA looms at the end of this week; if you are in the greater Boston area, come to Mansfield Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you are leaning towards the North, head to FKO and Costume-Con in Toronto the same dates. Sorry, my transporter is in the shop.

I have lots of thoughts, but sometimes not enough spoons to get them written down. Hopefully this will change? I miss the commmunity of LJ. FB is just not the same (although does have its uses).

I need to figure out how to upload pictures that are in the cloud, as most of my pictures are taken with iPhone or iPad. Thoughts?

More later. :-)
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2015-01-02 01:08 am

Where I Slept in 2014 Meme... and more

Wishing all my wonderful family and friends a Happy New Year, and all the joy you can muster in the coming months. I appreciate you all, so very much. :-) I started out with some social, very good times; out seeing people, giving and receiving hugs; a great way to start the year.

I think this is in order... but I have been around a bit this past year.

Milford, MA
Boston, MA (twice)
Medford, MA
Rye, NY
Oak Brook, IL
Peterborough, NH
Hunt Valley, MD
Dennis Port, MA
New Lebanon, NY
Wilmington, MA
Merrimack, NH
Columbia, MD
Laurel, MD
Newton, MA
Los Angeles, CA

I also did a bunch of decrufting and organizing this year while I was unemployed this summer, some of mine, but more for friends. I will be mostly unemployed again come March, so I will be looking for more of this sort of work. I seem to have a knack for it.
basements; 3
garages; 4
rest of the house; 4
yard/estate sales; 2
memorial services; 1

On other notes, I am glad to start a new year; 2014 was just not the best of years for me and Spencer. It ended with our nephew's fiancé having an unfortunate accident; falling off the North End Bridge in Palm Beach, about 30 feet down, onto rocks, and fracturing her C5 and C6. She had surgery today, I hear that it was successful, but I am afraid she has a long road of recovery ahead.
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2014-09-25 09:35 pm

Watertown, MA Estate Sale of Jewelry Designer Rachel Ann Klein, Friday 9/26 & Saturday 9/27

This is the long awaited estate sale of noted local jewelry designer Rachel Ann Klein who passed away last May.

At this sale will be all her beading supplies and raw materials for the custom pieces she has been designing over the years and selling through boutiques in Brookline, Newton, Rockport, Salem, and Wellesley. Her pieces typically sold between $100 and $1,500 each, as she tried to accommodate everyone's budget.

Also at this sale will be her high end furniture, mostly solid cherry, electronics, appliances, new and very slightly used shoes and clothing (Including winter and leather jackets), hand bags, artwork, and so much more.

The sale will run, rain or shine, on Friday night, 9/26 from 6:00 PM through 9:00 PM and again on Saturday from 9:00 AM through 1:30 PM at the First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, on 35 Church St in Watertown.

I am helping my friend Rickland with this. Please come, and please share this info around the Boston area.
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2014-09-03 05:58 pm

ReCaps Order

A number of years ago, my friend [personal profile] peacefrog spearheaded an order of these, pour lids for regular and now, wide-mouth mason jars. I got 5, for the small-mouthed, or regular, mason jars. I gave one away, and have been using the rest pretty continually for salad dressings. I would like to get some more, have suggested them as a product to TAGS hardware in Porter Sq, but to no avail. Top-rack dishwasher safe, no microwave; good for drinking as well as pouring.

Who would be interested in going in on an order? I am thinking of a bulk order of regular (silver) and a bulk order of wide-mouth (silver or black). (I cannot use 20 of each, no matter how hard I try...) If more people are interested, then more than 20 of each can be ordered. I can bring one to social events this weekend if anyone is interested.

I would like to have a ball-park idea by Friday, September 5, late-afternoon. These should be $5 each, and I can take cash, check, or paypal to first name at last name dot name.
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2014-08-09 03:25 pm
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Gardening/Yard Help Wanted Tomorrow, Aug 10, Milford, MA

Hey, Boston peeps; can anyone please come help me deal with my backyard tomorrow, Sunday, Aug 10? The first 3 pictures are of what needs to go, and the one looking toward the grey house with the gazebo frame in the foreground, is in the direction of where I need to plant fast growing emerald arborvitae, to mask out the neighbors deck. (When I took down 3 of the large pine trees, I didn't realize exactly how in-your-face they could be.)

Today I have made huge progress on the front and side yards, in about 2.5 hours; there is still more to be done, but my hands hurt and my shoulders are achey.

The last pictures are of today's progress.,,,

I have food and beverages to add energy and hydration, and fun afterwards. Spencer is still out of commission, and besides, has allergies. There are two dogs, who can be put upstairs, and there is a bee hive; I have epi pens and Benadryl.
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2014-07-17 01:44 am

Awesome Yard Sale, Take 2, in Wilmington, MA

Alex has asked me to coordinate the Awesome Yard Sale, Take 2, with (hopefully) the remainder of stuff from Rich's house.

Saturday, July 19
10 am-4 pm,
66 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, MA

Weather forecast looks good for Saturday, all day, so come on down!

Kitchen stuff, computer and game console games, board games, toys, dishes, misc cables, CDs and DVDs, blue ray player, plastic bins, speakers, household items of all kinds,

and FURNITURE, many items of furniture,
couches, tables, beds, desks, chairs, etc.

I will be at the house with Alex from sometime Friday late afternoon. You can reach me at my cell phone, voice or text, if you want to inquire about specifics.
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2014-07-07 04:11 pm

What to do with an overabundance of blank cassette tapes?

Any clues, LJ/DW hivemind?

I still have several thousand blank cassette tapes in a wide variety of lengths, sitting nicely in my office on shelves, but I need the space for other things.

Is there any current use for them?

No criticisms as to WHY, please, only suggestions for what to do with them.
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2014-06-09 04:54 pm
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Boston-area events this weekend?

So, I am coming out of my way-too-many-things-on-the-to-do not-slump, and I know there are things going on this weekend, but I have NONE of them in my calendar...

The Rich Event took a bunch of time, plus GSS took a bunch of time, and the farm is started, and it is now JUNE!

Clue me in, please?
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2014-03-24 10:50 pm

(no subject)

I wish I could make unschooling/homeschooling make sense to my in-laws and others. I get so much crap from my MIL especially about it, and especially since T is undecided about what the next direction will be. I found the following on (a href="") a Christian homeschooling conference site . I don't agree with the general tenor of the conference, as I am not interested in bringing religion into education, but I do like this list.

Throughout the course of history, many famous people have been homeschooled. These people have gone on to become artists, inventors, scientists, statesmen, writers, religious leaders, Supreme Court justices, musicians, and even American presidents.

For example, all four men depicted on Mount Rushmore --- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln --- were home educated men. Other home educated people that you may recognize are Sir Ernest Shackleton (explorer), Will Rogers (humorist), Florence Nightingale (nurse), Jim Ryan (Olympic silver-medalist runner), Sam Houston (president of Texas), Andrew Carnegie (industrialist), Walt Whitman (poet), C.S. Lewis (author), Samuel Clemons (author), John Philip Sousa (composer), Eli Whitney (inventor), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor), Sandra Day O'Connor (Supreme Court Justice), Douglas MacArthur (WWII general), Albert Einstein (genius inventor), Thomas Edison (inventor), and many, many more.

John Quincy Adams, the son of President John Adams, was a serious and studious child who learned strong Christian character and how to read and write from his mother Abigail; then as a young teen accompanied his father on extended diplomatic missions to Europe. Under the close tutelage of his father, he learned eight languages and, serving as his father's secretary, gained broad knowledge from study and travel, filling 51 volumes of diaries (15,000 pages) about the things he learned and observed. He served the United States as Secretary of State, President, and then Congressman; was instrumental in establishing the Smithsonian Institution; and fought against slavery until his death. Having experienced first hand the tumultuous history of our country's beginning, John Quincy Adams said, "You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
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2014-03-21 11:02 pm

My Long Nifty Week (LONG)

So, I did some pretty nifty things this week, after working my first Lunacon in about 17 years...
what I did this week )

More on all this later, as it is AFTER midnight, and the plan is to get to Topsfield Fairgrounds in the morning by 8:30 for the Mass Beekeepers Annual Meeting.
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2014-03-16 11:22 pm
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Birthday Party for David

Please save the date! Come celebrate David's 50th Birthday with a party at the Big Blue House

Saturday, May 10, 2014

4 pm-whenever

at the Big Blue House, 11 Wayne Road, Milford, MA 01757

Only caveat is if David gets a paying gig for that weekend, the party will be postponed.

More details closer to the date.
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2014-03-08 11:28 pm

Ups and Downs; What's Been Going On With Me Lately

Not necessarily in chronological order

- I was rear-ended on Saturday, February 8, while working, invoking Worker's Compensation...
+ we had a very successful run of the Sudbury Savoyards Pirates of Penzance ,
+ worker's comp came thru with approval for chiropractic work
+ at the same time, I started PT for my already severely arthritic neck and lower back (the toll of playing sports for many years, including goalie for the Women's Ice Hockey Team at Bowdoin),
+ I have been offered and accepted, the position of Technical Services Director for Arisia '15,
- I have not gotten to Tech Squares for about a month (partly due to work, partly due to back & neck, partly migraines)
+ I have danced multiple times this year, having gotten to both the February and March First Friday Experienced Dance in Concord (and the Thursday dance before the Feb 1st Friday, and I think at least one more...) Yay for dancing!,
- news of Bob McQuillen in hospital with stroke,
- then hearing of Bob's passing on,
+ huge outpouring of memories of Bob, on Remembering MAC fb page,
+ catching up with AT, granddaughter of woman I am named after, who currently lives and works in Norway, as she also knew Mac when she was younger,
- I ended my SCF project a week early due to rear-ending and not being able to focus on work as back/neck pain before treatment was really awful,
+ I may get some pain & suffering compensation from this (time will tell),
+ I have not one, but TWO projects starting the end of March, for NORC, I will be a field interviewer for the General Social Survey (I did this one two years ago, it is nights and weekends), and I will be a Data Collector for a U Mass Medical Center grant-funded project, evaluating pre-schoolers (mornings, 8-11:30 or so). Down side is that both of these have a 6-8 week run; the GSS gets re-sampled after the initial data collection period, and I may or may not be selected to continue once the re-sampling is done. Yes, these two work well together.,
- a very longtime friend was found guilty of a crime and is in Framingham Women's Correctional Institute for 1 year. I have agreed to go help pack up her apartment. *sigh* She has a hoarding problem.
+ I get to go out to Chicago for job training March 25-28 (maybe get to see some friends?),
+ I will be doing make-up for Rain Dance, the current North Cambridge Family Opera production. I will be working under the direction of Elizabeth Stone. Talis will be working on the make-up crew as well, and Spencer will be Quartermaster again,
+ I got to the Worcester County Bee Association meeting today, with Winnie. Topics were a variety of talks about Honey Bee Viruses & Viral Diseases of the Honey Bee, Chalkbrood & its Effect on Honey Bee Colonies, Nosema Ceranae (Asian): A New Threat to the European Honey Bee, and Temperature Stress in the Hive Through the Seasons. Very interesting.
+ renewed WCBA membership (runs out in August),
+ put MA Bee Association Annual Meeting at Topsfield Fairgrounds, March 22, rearranged calendar in order to free up that day,

I think I have more pluses than minuses... and I am sure there are things missing...
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2014-02-19 11:45 pm
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Sad Day at Eastleigh Farm, and Pirates Opens FRIDAY! (in Sudbury, MA)

So, I am really not enthused that this is what it takes for me to make a post here. I have lots of things to say about my projects, post crossing, month of letters... conventions, you know, the stuff I do to keep busy. ;-)

Talisu and Eric arrived at Eastleigh about 6:30 this morning to find that the cow barn roof has collapsed. Two cows died, some others are injured (4), mostly dehydrated and hypothermic, four more walked out on their own, but are being watched because of the stress. Milking started at about noon. I helped by shoveling s*#t, bringing cows in and out, and feeding them.

Donations are welcome: monetary (there is a paypal button on the web page), but also bleach, ALL Free & Clear laundry detergent (no dyes or frangrances), towels, and blankets.

We ended the day with more snow. Fortunately I don't think there was much accumulation.

Here are some of the news links;, with a quote from Talis.
Channel 5 WCVB,
Channel 7 WHDH
and Channel 4 WBZ.

The Herald and Fox had incorrect information that is just painful to read. The Herald did have some quotes from the owner, but the number of cows dead and what they were doing was incorrect. They were only getting ready for their morning milking, and the reason there were not more cows in that barn was because they are wicked smart, and were already up in the yard outside the milking parlor... I was having some issues with getting the videos tonight; hopefully they will be fixed. I think the transcipts are available, but the pictures are really what fills in the story.

Talis was complimented by a number of people; From someone who knows someone I went to high school with; "Yes! Talis was awesome! She was all over helping get the cows out, giving them meds, totally kept her cool through the whole debacle. A very awesome young lady!" and I was told by the woman who runs the Framingham Animal Control that Talis was pretty wonderful and fabulous and level-headed.

At the time of the quote in the Boston.Com article, T was exhausted, but that was only the middle of her day. She moved the bull out of the cow yard into the next yard (I helped her clear the gate of snow so it could be opened) and she and Cindy milked 60 cows, starting about noon, and cleaned up, and got out of there around 4 pm. Farm management did not cope well with the disaster (the owner was out of state) and she reamed out Talis for various things, too out of control to even listen, then T blew up at her. If I had had my wits about me, I might have told them they should get a grip. As it was, I had left (I thought) to go get the car, but the front door had never been opened, so I was stuck in the outer foyer and heard all the whole yelling. I am not impressed with management at Eastleigh, but I love the cows, and the people other than management.

I have a bunch of pictures over on my face book page... Eventually I will get them over here, but for the meantime, go look there.

It has been a very exhausting day.

And to top everything off, Sudbury Savoyards Pirates of Penzance opens Friday.It should be great! Everyone should go see it, really. David did the lighting design, I am running Front of House.
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2014-02-05 12:50 am
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Seeking House Staff & Bakers for Pirates Shows in Sudbury, MA

It's that time of year again. The two weekends after Boskone, the Sudbury Savoyards are putting on The Pirates of Penzance, February 20, 21, 22, 23, March 1 and 2, 2014.

Come see the show for free! and help me out as an usher and/or baker. It is a really fabulous production, and we aren't into tech week yet. Let me know which show you will be available for, and I will send you more info.

Yes, I am the House Manager, again... I tried to say NO, but what I got was an assistant. Come work with me! and see a great show!
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2014-01-16 01:27 am


Finally packed, except for toothbrush and daytime toothpaste. Clothes; assorted. Kamikaze kids sound track; yes, in several places. Sanity: maybe???

I have a wonderful, fabulous, incredible tech crew lined up, although my original TD Minder had to back out because of commitments to grad school, I have found the lovely Pie to take over.

More later, as I am going to go fall over.

If you come to Arisia this weekend, you will most likely find me in the ballroom. Talis will be running the duck hunt.
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2014-01-03 12:09 am

Where I Slept in 2013

Milford, MA
Boston, MA
Columbia, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Hunt Valley, MD
New Lebanon, NY
Baltimore, MD
Paterson, NJ
Columbus, OH
Longmont, CO
Some town on Rt 80 just east of the Iowa state line in Nebraska
Gaithersburg, MD

I did a fair amount of traveling last year.
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2013-11-26 07:12 pm

Shared Harvest CSA, Pick-up 23 November

From Riverland Farm:
2 stalks Brussels Sprouts
1 Cabbage
1# Onions
3/4# Garlic
1 Bunch Kale
3/4# Arugula
1 Bunch Collards
1 Bunch Popcorn
4# Sweet Potatoes

From Picadilly Farm:
4# gold potatoes
5# carrots
3# Gilfeather turnips (These tend to be larger. sweeter, and starchier than purple tops, close to Rutebaga, but white-fleshed.)
Hakurei turnips, a big bunch (those sweet mild salad turnips)
leeks, a bunch
Butternut squash – average three pieces, 9 pounds ***at least one of these in each share will be “seconds” quality in appearance – blemished skins, rough appearance. Jenny says, "We’ve found they are consistently good inside, but won’t store for many months. Good peeled and cooked for soups, etc."

Plus I bought extras...

Fresh Mozzarella
Carrots 10#
Cabbage-20# box
2 gallons Cider Hill Farm Cider
20# Beets
Garlic-2# bag
Goat Cheese - Garlic and Basil
Goat Cheese - Sun Dried Tomato Basil
Potatoes - Red-5# bag
Potatoes - Russet-5# bag
Watermelon Radishes
Black Radishes
2 boxes of Kale-half bushel box

And now it is time to go get my turkey... I am having a really bad day today, yesterday partly; just not coping with anything, and no motivation. Only thing I think of that is throwing me into this funk is that it is the 2nd Thanksgiving since Mum died. Now, how to get out of this funk...
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2013-11-13 03:38 pm

My Birthday Party, November 30, 2013 DETAILS


It occurs to me that this is coming up REAL SOON NOW, and I should give some details.

Persis, Talis, Spencer and David invite you to celebrate Persis's birthday

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Big Blue House
11 Wayne Road, Milford, MA 01757

Potluck; please bring something to share. Please send e-mail to persis at thorndike dot name, or call or text at 508-282-0089 if you have questions or want to coordinate. I will provide plates, flatware, napkins, cups, some hot hors d'oeuvres, maybe a turkey.

There will be cake, and perhaps ice cream.

Winnie the Dog is in residence and turns TWO on December 1 (he shares the day with my Dad and several other friends); please medicate appropriately. We also have three guinea pigs who live upstairs. These ones do not hang out on the couches as Oreo and Coconut did. (I will vacuum as best I can, but Winnie does shed indiscriminately. He goes to the groomer on November 16, so it won't be quite as bad.)

NO hot tub this year.
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2013-11-02 11:57 am
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Fundraising! Kickstarter Signal Boost, Farm News, BIrthday Party Date Holder

My friend Nancy has a kickstarter for a second hand bookstore she is buying, in Vermont. There are too few used bookstores left in this world, so please check it out and give her a hand.

Eastleigh Farm bought five months of time. I have not been able to talk to anyone there about fundraising and marketing, although I think it is extremely important. Talis and Georgette both write passionately about the land and the cows, so maybe there's something there.

There's not a lot I need for birthday things; rocks for my stone wall, a few things on my Amazon wish list (Tokaido board game, Castle Season 5) gas money for Colorado trip...

BUT, if anyone wishes to make donations to Eastleigh Farm in my name (or not in my name), there is a paypal button here. That would make me very happy.

My birthday is today, but my party will be Saturday, November 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Note the date, more details coming soon.

I do love my friends. You are all important to me, and make my life fulfilled. My fb page is filled with birthday wishes from around the world, and makes me very happy. :-) *hugs* to you all, in person the next time we meet.

I am planning on getting out to a party tonight, and to Geek Central tomorrow, in and amongst work on SCF...
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2013-10-17 11:32 pm
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Eastleigh Farm

I don't know where to start telling you about Eastleigh Farm. I started doing the Cape Ann Fresh Catch fish share there three winters ago. The people have aleays been great, the atmosphere is just wonderful, cows, animals, hard working nice folks, who really care about the farm, and the animals, and anyone who expresses an interest. Talis started milking there this summer, four morning milkings a week (and sometimes more, if they needed her), getting paid in milk adn ice cream. She was good enough that Cindy, the barn manager, gave her her own lime of cows after about three days. Cindy says Talis is a natural. When T was driving home from camp on the West coast, Cindy would ask me when her girl was coming back... she missed her. Having someone who was passionate about the cows and her job is, I guess, uncommon these days.

There is a wonderful video of the cows, and Georgette Jowdy talking about the farm here

So, Eastleigh is in some financial trouble. There is a foreclosure auction next Wednesday, October 23. I have been reading articles in the local-to-Framingham paper and the related articles linked from that one, and all I can tell is that they have a mortgage of $30,000 per month, and the town has rejected buying the development rights (I think they say it is too expensive... ) and is waiting to see if the farm can gain a conservation restriction...

Talis would love to buy the farm, run it differently, add more educational aspects... However... Donations can be made to: Eastleigh Farm Education Trust, 1084 Grove Street, Framingham, MA 01701.

Talisu says I should be praying for a major miracle to save Eastleigh Farm from foreclosure next week. Donate what you can; this is the closest large farm to Boston, and it would be a shame for it to go to real estate. Make it a non-profit, learning center with a working raw milk dairy farm...

I wish I had the hutzpah to raise some unknown large amount of money.

I have other thoughts about the last Thursday farm day of Heirloom Harvest 2013 season. Garlic planting is this Saturday, and the final pick-up is Sunday. Then the farm goes to bed for the winter.

But it is late, and I have a full day tomorrow, so, good night, all. Please pray for our farm, and the cows. It is very sad just thinking about them.